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Expensive, illogical, slow

Moved into a property that was with nPower called immediately to change over to my supplier eon. It took the best part of two months to get switched over. In the weeks during the switch the nPower meter readers were coming round every couple of days to read the meter. It was on the exterior of the property and I demonstrated this several times but I was constantly getting ''you were out" cards through the door and phone calls throughout the day.
At the end of the period I received an estimated bill and had to ring in my readings.

I thought that was the end of it...Wrong! Six months down the line they have started calling daily to discuss why I've asked to leave? When I talk to an agent and explain what's happening, they assure me they will remove my number from my account so they can't call, but the next day like clockwork my phone rings from their 0800.

In conclusion, use a different supplier, they are all extortionate but some provide a better quality of customer service and are willing to sort problems out comprehensively when things go wrong.

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