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Told me lies and so did not order them in the end

I woke up on the tuesday morning and found that i had flat tyre. I need three anyways and so i wanted to buy some quickly, delivered to the garage the next day and fitted that day. Contact them at 8:30 when they opened and was told that the item was in stock and usually delivered the next day and contact them afterwards to confirm the order. I ordered the AVON ZV5 255/50/R16 online as cheapest online. I did not get an email after an hour and so rang them. Spoke to them and was advised that it was ordered and it was going to be delivered the next day, but to ring later to confirm if it would be delivered in the morning or afternoon. About 30mins later got email. About 3pm i rang to confirm what time it was going to be delivered, with a lady saying, it says here that your order has not gone through because the tyre is out of stock and i had been contacted. Well i gave them two numbers, home and mobile. They only rang the mobile and because i was at home i do not get good signal on that and did not get the message.
At this point they advised me that there was slightly cheaper stock available of burus tyres. As i had a flat tyre i need them in a rush and i confirmed with the lady that they would be put on the van to be delivered the next day. Ordered them.
The Wednesday I rang the garage i was going to get them fitted and was told that they had all there deliveries that day. So straight on the phone to tyre-shopper, was told that because i ordered them late they would not be delivered till the next day and they can confirm it is on the delivery van for the next day, so Thursday. Not happy, i ordered them in the morning, it was not till i contact them that they said the tyre i wanted was out of stock. So okay i was on for a Thursday delivery.
Roll on one hour and i get a phone call from tyre shopper and told "actually we have to get the tyres from a different place, so will not be there till Friday" you what?
why have you lied to me repeatedly. So i cancelled the order straight away.

Within 30mins i ordered from black circles at 2pm Wednesday. Rang them within 5 mins of ordering. advised that the tyres were ordered and ready to be delivered the next day, confirmed the garage could fit them the next day(Thrusday). All good. Was rang at 9am on the thursday from a personal representative and told the tyres were delivered. Spoke to garage and then got them fitted at lunch. So ordered and fitted within 24 hours.

So my verdict is to go with black circles in the first place. Yeah the tyre i wanted was a little more expensive, but the service was second to none with them and tyre shopper was shocking and i will never use them again.

27 September 2013

Reply from Tyre Shopper

Dear Ben Main,

We do apologise for the inconvenience that has been caused to you.

There is no excuse for the terrible service that you received and this is not common practice as you will see from all the positive reviews that we receive.

Glad that you were able to get the tyres you needed elsewhere.

Kind regards
Tyre Shopper Customer Services

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