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find another delivery company

whilst I am very pleased with the product, Worth pour homme, i am not pleased with your delivery.

I received an email the day after purchase advising me to ensure that someone was at home because the item would be delivered between 8am-4pm.

By 4pm nothing arrived so i called the number provided and was assured it would arrive by 7pm. Nothing arrived.

So the next day, another phone call, and was told it would arrive by 12 noon, and it did.

A lot of hassle and time wasted by me could have been avoided had someone bothered to communicate with me to let me know of all these delays instead of making promises and requesting that someone was at home when nothing at all arrived.

So your communications with customers need to be improved.


Waste of time very disappointing

I am very very angry because firstly Danny at Kenable had misinformed me when I called before I ordered the product, assuring me it was plug & play, no cd required. And then the attachment Rik from Kenable sent me with drivers was inaccessible so I faced having to wait all weekend until Monday for the cable to work and the whole reason I ordered from Kenable was that I could guarantee a delivery on Friday, if I paid the courier fee.

The attachment with drivers that Rik sent to me just before the close of business on Friday, did not work. Not only that, but the format in which they were sent were not recognised by either of my computers.

So It was all a wasted exercise - misinformed before placing the order and the "fix" sent on Friday was useless.

I wrote to Rik at Kenable about my disappointment and he never bother to reply.

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