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(sorry for my spelling - Im russian)
I started TalkTalk in march'13 and everything was good before I just moved to a new address. To transfer my package took about 1.5 month. First- costumers service just hanged out the phone, then been told they will recall but never did. After 3 weeks I got my order but for some reason on new phone number NEW contract and just a voice package! I repeated a hundred of times that i need line just for broadband! In two more weeks and useless phone calls i've been told that it's not possible to connect the internet!!! transfering me to a countless departments I finely got internet included to my order which took another 2 weeks to go in life. Then when it doesnt I called again and after 1.5 hour talking I been told I have an old router so they will send me a new one but i need to pay for it but in the letter was said that I can get it for free. My english is not perfect but the only TALKTALK costumers service cant understand anything. I got some filing that they reading everything from the monitors but have no clue how to answer on "unexpected" questions. Finely after 3 month callings got connected but my internet is so slow as hell! Calling them all the time asking for an engineer but again after at least 1.5hours the only what i get it;s hopeless promises. They never called me back or text me msg telling when an engineer would come. Its 10 days since I asked last time...
Btw my download speed is less than 100kbs daytime and less than 50kbs after 6pm. My mobile 3g is even faster!


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