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Racist, greedy and simply, all about money.

Awful! Never ever will I fly with Ryanair again. Let me tell you the story.. me and my family were flying to spain last month; me, my sister, my brother, mother, and 2 little sisters. So on our way there, they didn't pick on anyone else but my sister. She was wearing a scarf. They made her put her bag in the measuring scale, which we wouldn't mind; being a rule and all however the thing that got us was why her and only her? why not anyone else? the rest of our family? My mum was let through, as well as everyone else, but she went back to help out my sister who was confused about what to do. They wouldn't let my mum help her. why? We finally got to the aeroplane after being made to throw the little ones' baby food and nappies. They were about to fly. They weren't going to wait. We got into the flight. After hours looking for a seat, we finally sat. 0/10 is what I would rate ryanair based on comfortability. The good thing was though that we reached our destination really fast however my objection is on the fact that while landing, the pilot turned off the engine a few times. That, we all thought, was a very dangerous way to land. Then on the way back from Spain we went through the worst experience ever! We were in the line waiting to step into the aeroplane. In front of us we saw an Asian being kicked out and sent back to the entrance to pay for a bag that although was tiny, didn't fit in the measuring scale. Meanwhile, everyone else was being sent through joyfully. Next was a mixed race woman who had a backpack as a bag, she was sent to the side without even having her bag measured! We were all so confused. Then another Asian was stopped. and another, and another - no-one white, whatsoever. Our turn came. My sisters bag was measured first, it wouldn't fit. we were all shoved to the side. we fixed my sisters bag having to throw away someones gift. We were trying to get the rest of our bags weighed in order to go aboard however they wouldn't listen to us, they were ignoring us. they wouldn't let us weigh the other bags until everyone was long gone into the flight. Finally, they allowed us to weigh them. Thankfully all our bags fit in the box. we rushed to the aeroplane to see that they were about to fly. We were seconds away from missing our flight, again.

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