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Light in the Box made light work of my order

4 camera wired CCTV system: This is a brilliant system for the price. I was actually lucky enough to get this during one of the sale days, so it worked out even better for me (40% off). The instructions aren't clear, in fact non-existent for installing the (optional) hard drive, but it's only 5 case screws, 4 short screws for mounting the drive and standard SATA cables. Obviously you have to factor in the cost of a SATA drive but given that the price of a 500gb 3.5 inch drive is falling all the time, and is quite sufficient for overnight monitoring, it's not a hardship. Plenty of cable, lightweight but reasonably robust cameras, control box is smaller than it seems from the pictures. No AAA battery supplied for the remote control. Shipping and UK Customs duty also added slightly to the price but in the end the whole system as I use it came in at under £100 as I already had a spare hard drive and computer monitor. (There is no aerial out, so plugging into the TV would be via bnc to video or bnc to scart - neither of which is supplied. Any reasonable tv or electronics shop should be able to provide these connectors). DHL delivered in less than 36 hours from leaving the distributor in China to arriving at my door. Tracking is first class and I could see where my package was at every major step of the way. Instruction manual is clear enough although the English grammar isn't perfect. American style 2 pin plugs on both the power modules but 2 general purpose to UK mains adaptors are supplied. As yet I haven't connected the network side but as everything else seems workmanlike and reasonable, I have no doubt this be fine too. I will say that everything is built on the lightweight side but it's not designed to be stood on and it is cheap for what you are getting, so on balance I would say this is an excellent system for the money. I would have no hesitation in recommending this system to anyone who wants a CCTV system without excessive cost.

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