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Uses the excuse of Fraud prevention to excuse slow delivery.

My phone which I use for work is damaged so I needed to order one ASAP and paid for express shipping, only to find them email me at 16.50 the next day to say I need to phone them for anti-fraud reasons. I've ordered from them before, I've used a card registered to my address, I already went through checks with my own bank during the transaction. WHAT ARE THEY PROTECTING ME FROM! Sad excuse for not being able to dispatch it within reasonable time that they resort to blaming the client for purchasing it.

07 January 2014

Reply from

Thank you for your review.
I apologise for the issues you have had with your order.
We strive to give the most efficient service to our customers at all times.
Fraud is ever increasing and our validation department is striving to bring you the safest, most efficient and reliable service at all times.
I invite you to contact me with your order details on so that I may investigate further into your order as I would be more than happy to help you.
Kind Regards
Pixmania Mediator

COLD CALLING when you use the website, If I wanted the insurance i would have bought it!

I surfed a few comparison websites based on entering information and choosing insurance between them. I found a quote I was happy with on a competitors site. pass your details, which you cannot opt out of to one of two insurance companies which cold call you to do a quotation over the phone which turns out to be more expensive than the online searches. Its neither beneficial or warranted to have them phone, as the whole point is with comparison sites is you make your informed decision between hundreds of insurers, so why do I want a call from one of two specific insurers which obviously pay a commision for my information! They relentlessly call while im working shifts, leave no messages.


These Companies should not be allowed to exist

Legal Loan Sharks, I used these guys to help a family member out by borrowing as much as a week before payday to help my household out with bills ect. I had no real need to use them and paid back everything on time as I thought I was borrowing comfortably within my limits. I was fortunate I got out of the cycle of using them, as you start to take on another loan to repay the previous one. Another of my family was not as fortunate and got deeper and deeper into Wonga and another similar company, before she knew it her whole wage was being used to repay the loans and penalties made up a large chunk of what was owed.

My Mother has subsequently ended up clinically depressed, lose of her job and almost two years unemployed, for many reasons but ultimately debt was a big part of it and spiral of denial and head in the sand while Wonga and similar companies pile on pressure and more penalties.

On my note, I became a first time buyer last year and was rejected a mortgage based on using pay day loans. They harm your credit score, harm your chances with mortgage companies and ultimately you pay a higher price for it. I did get my house and I've never used pay day loans again.

Redseven Leisure Stag & Hen Weekends

Avoid at all Costs -Take no responsibility

14 of us booked a weekend down in Newcastle for a Stag do. They ended up moving our hotel three days before travel. I cant describe how disappointing the accommodation was in a very tired Premier Inn compared to a new build we were meant to be staying in, night club outside, busy motorway like junction, noisy/not working air conditioning, the most cramped rooms imaginable, horrendous plumbing/water pressure, carpet frayed, mould in the kettle...I really could go on.

What’s worse is we were told this was an upgrade! Visited the hotel we were actually meant to be staying in and was perfect, new build, better location, clean and spacious rooms but it was over booked. I'm sorry we were paying 8 months before travel! The activity we chosen was not as advertised and completely the opposite of what we were sold, no fond memories had. We would not have travelled down from Aberdeen for that. On the insistence of every local person we met we ended up cancelling our reservation through redseven for the Indian meal at the venue they recommended, which has an in need of improvement status for hygiene fairly recently, and was pretty clear and up front I didn't want a non-reputable place. Even after contacting them and an agreement made we would not be visiting, we were subsequently told no refund would be offered. I could go on and on about issues over the weekend, we are out of pocket and contacted redseven as soon as we knew things weren't going to plan and was assured they would deal with our complaint. Lovely on the phone....but once they have your money they aren't interested. I'm embarrassed to have signed us up to these clowns, as best man and was an awkward weekend for me, but thankfully we got to give my pal a good send off in spite of everything we paid in advance going wrong. £3000 spent by the group and not even an apology on the points I raised but that our opinion doesn't matter compared to the reviews online of the hotel. They outsource complaints to a customer care team whos job it is to ignore complaints and worm their way out of responsibility, ignore any part of your letter they feel they cannot respond to. I’ve spoken with some really nice people at Redseven but ultimately its shuffle the buck from department to department or onto suppliers with no accountability. Do yourself a favour and avoid this company, plan it yourself and do a better job of it than these guys. This company look to remove your complaint from online in an attempt to keep their reputation but it’s just empty promises that they will take your complaint seriously in hopes you won’t repost.

24 October 2013

Reply from Redseven Leisure

Thank you for your review. We would like to express our concern and sincere apologies for the problems which you have experienced.

Please be assured that this is a most unusual occurrence and that this is being investigated by our customer care department.

We take all concerns raised by our customers seriously and would like to resolve any grievances that you have

Thank you,

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