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Failed to collect my faulty tv on two occasions in one day

All was going smoothly, tv broke on Saturday so called up on Sunday and booked a collection for Monday. Sounds too good to be true. was!

The driver never called me to say he was on his way which apparently they need to do and is part of their procedures. So he turned up when I was at work and then left, according to my next door neighbour he didn't even knock anyway. The depot then called me asking me why I was not there, I explained that I was at woke and did not get the call from the delivery driver. The depot said that he did call which was a complete lie. No missed calls on my phone or even a voicemail. The woman on the phone then said that if I left work now that she would send the driver back to me. So I then decided to go home. Took me 30mins to get home, waited another 30mins and no driver. So called as you would, got told he would probably be another 40mins so I waited for 80mins, no sign and called again as you would. The man on the phone was new as he said before and said he would investigate and call me back, call me back when I was thinking, I have to get back to work. He said go back to work and await his call (which never came). So I went back to work and raised a customer complaint.

I got informed that the driver will definitely come back to me and that they work till 8pm. I said fine I finish work at 6 and get back at 6.30, he said that was fine and went through tech services and the depot to get it done. The driver called me at 4.30 to say he would be 20mins. I said that I could not leave work again and that 6.30 was agreed he then said ok I'll see you then. He never showed. Called again however this time had to wait 10mins on hold. The pick up got cancelled as apparently on the notes the driver explained he wouldn't make it at 6.30. LIES LIES LIES! Now have to wait till Wednesday apparently. Watch out currys store here I come

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