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top mobile phone company

i have been with 3 for yrs and have never used any other moile phone company as long as 3.i currently have 3 contracts with them and i love all you can eat data.they never contact me about over usage of my mobile broadband, i have watched lots of movies without buffering and i have even downloaded some games to my pc with no probs i hope i am with them years to come.oh and t mobile suck



i could not live without ebay.i love browsing various items and love to bid. i have bought 189 items in 2yrs on ebay. with out ebay my flat would be empty :0


the best

google chrome is the best search engine



no problems


my local store sucks

late time after time after time.the delivery drivers could never find my place of work. local shop staff were not very helpful over the one point i waited nearly 1 hr before i had to phone the local store to ask were my pizza was? the person at the store said he will phone me back after they check to see were there driver was.i got a phone call back from the store, and i was asked if i could phone the delivery driver to give directions as her credit ran out on her the store wanted me to use my mobile credit to direct the driver to my place of work! i said no and asked for a refund and the member of staff was pretty rude and said he will give me a refund and put the phone down but by that time my pizza had arrived and it was cold and tasted like it was a rush job some of topping seemed to be a bit raw.i have ordered about 6 times and every time was a nightmare waiting to see if my pizza would be delivered on time.and on every occasion i was contacted by a different driver asking for directions.i haven't ordered from there since. i just order from a normal pizza shop near buy and i get my pizza with in 40 Min's every time with out any problems.

Peak Nutrition

excellent and fast delivery

easy to set up account and to buy products had no problems i will shop here again.good prices i saved £80 buying a product from peak nutrition

Mazuma Mobile

cash in a flash

no problems. easy and very fast payment.everything processed from start to finnish within 5 days depending on how long you take to send phone in

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