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Untrustworthy and shameful

Since the end of August (it is nearing October) our internet has stopped working. This was firstly due to a faulty router and now the exchange where I live has been down. I received a message last night to say it had been fixed, but lo-and-behold it is still not working.

I spoke to the customer service team who, after some convincing, told me I wouldn't be charged for the engineer for problem number one. Upon checking my bank account yesterday when the money was due to come out, they took the full balance including the normal payment for the internet service we haven't received for one month.

I am appalled at the audacity they have to say one thing and do another. They have let me pay for a service they have not been providing and I was assured that the money wouldn't come out of my account, so I didn't cancel the direct debit. Even if I did cancel it I would get blacklisted, and so you see they have caught me in a catch 22.

Please let me leave talk talk and give me my money back. DO NOT GO NEAR.

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Chloe Bliss
London, United Kingdom