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AMPM Direct

Easy, Wonderfully Packed items for international shipping but........

I ordered 4 bottles of beer to be shipped to Canada ( I could not find this beer anywhere else in Canada or the USA). Ordering was easy, my items were shipped out fast and arrived to its destination point in a matter of days ( I haven't gotten that fast shipping on some items that I have purchased in Canada) I had a lot of trouble once it went to customs, because the customs documents were not right. Instead of the items being declared "beer" they were declared as " Collectable Liquid Filled Glass Bottles". If I didn't answer the phone when customs called, they would have opened all the bottles and I would have lost the shipment. Also on the paperwork the pricing was all wrong. I purchased 4 bottles, one at £64.99, £4.50 and two at £2.50. The paperwork stated at all bottles were £74.00. I was extreamly lucky that the woman I was dealing with at customs was having a good day because they would have charged me close to $150.00 in taxes on that shipment vs the $55.00 she did charge me because I could give her a copy of my bill. They held the shipment for almost a week. which isn't too bad, but still. All in all, it was very easy to order and work with this company, I would next time I would maybe send a email along with my order to remind them to declare all items properly and to make sure the pricing is correct. My Boyfriend is gonna love the idea of having "Armageddon - The Worlds Strongest beer" and 3 other beers that I seem I cannot mention due to their name :-)
Thank You :-)

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