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Update after 7, nope 8 months (time is flying!) waiting for one lamp and 2 shelves and 10% credit on my next purchase!!!

I'm still waiting for infurn customer service to contact me. I sent a mail same day as I posted my review e.g. 22/01/14.
I guess they didn't like my last remark: "I'm looking forward for an anwser to this new review from Infurn and this time I really want to hear something concrete instead of the usual It is unfortunate or I understand, regrettably blabla"
In the meantime, my lamp has been delayed again from 31/03 to 09/05.
I wouldn't be surprised if the 2 shelves planned for 18/04 would suprisingly be postponed aslo. That's way infurn work.
Stay away from!!!!
I wrote my first review in September last year. I received the following anwser from Laurie-Ann - customer Service Advisor

Réponse de Designfurn LTD (infurn.com)
Hello Mr. Godek,
Thank you for your comments.
In this unfortunate case I apologised that you received the incorrect lamp from which you ordered and the miscommunication regarding the claim.
Following our telephone conversation today you stated that you spoke with my colleague earlier regarding the situation. In which it was stated you are happy that someone has contacted you and satisfied with the outcome. That being stated you confirmed that you have decided to make an open claim for a new lamp and agreed to the reproduction with the standard delivery time frame of 10-18 weeks. I further explained although you have been in continuous contact via email, we have experienced technical problems with contacting you on selected telephones.
In regards to the making a claim for the incorrect item it is protocol to request all information via the claim tool. In the meantime, you had already refused the item and sent it back with courier. Therefore it was a case of miscommunication as it was only a suggestion you keep the lamp with additional 30% discount.
Once again I would like to apologise for the confusion regarding the situation, however I stated that you can always send an email or request a call back to clarify any information.
Kind regards,
Laurie-Ann - Customer service Adviser

What Happened since?
Nothing really. I wrote a second review in November for which I ddin't receive any anwser from Infurn. Am I surprised? No
By the time I spoke to Laurie-Ann from Infurn on 09/26/13 after my first review in September 24th , I made a promise that I would post an update and/or change my rating on my previous TrustPilot review if situation would change.
Since I always keep my promises.....
I won't and cannot change my review as it's getting worse and worse.
As of today, the 10-18 weeks delivery time frame stated in your terms and conditions are far to be passed for the 2 Infurn Home skan selves ordered in July. Original delivery date was week of november 21st e.g. 4 days ago but all the sudden it was changed to first week beginning January 06 2014 and as of today week beginning February 17 2014.
For the lamp, I must remind you that it was my "this year girlfriend's birthday" and not next year if ever received!!!, it is now scheduled for week beginning February 19 2014 i/o week beginning november 22 originally. Timeframe again being far more than the stated 10-18 weeks.
I cannot believe you need almost 8 months to produce those infurn skan shelves being quite basics and 6 for the lamp. This is unacceptable, unprofessional
in a word dishonnest.
I'm looking forward an anwer from you. I'm wondering how you will justify those 6 and 8 months back orders.
Needless to say that " We would like to notify you that your order will unfortunately be delayed. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused to you regarding this matter. If you require any further information please contact our Customer Support team. We not only ask for your understanding in this matter, but also offer you a 10% credit to be added to your account to show our appreciation of your patience in this delay" written on my order history is simply INAPPROPRIATE, INDECENT AND BORDERING ON THE OFFENSIVE.
Being ripped off is a very unpleasant feeling. I made a terrible mistake when ordering via Infurn and I wish I knew Trustpilot before.....

Did something happen since mail to the customer service and last review update in November.
Yes, a customer officer called me on Nov 25th who clearly mentioned that Infurn had problems with their sub-contractor(s) in China. According to him, the situation was now fixed and all passed orders would be process quickly. He thanks me for my patience and for not being rude over the phone. I answered him that I won't change anything... I guess I was kind of resigned to my fate..
By the time I spoke to him, my orders were due to 17-02 and 19-02-14.
I checked my order status yesterday.
Guess what, It's again postponed to 31-03 and 18-04-14.
For information my credit card was debited on 19-07-13 e.g. 7 months ago.
I agreed with the 10-18 weeks stated in the terms and conditions when I ordered my items but 35 weeks delays is totally unacceptable.
Needless to say that I will never use the 10% credit to be added to my account, I would be unthinking or unconscious to do so after this catastrophic experience with Infurn.
I'm looking forward an anwser to this new review from Infurn and this time I really want to hear something concrete instead of the usual It is unfortunate or I understand, regrettably blabla.
Is this scam? Probably so.
Hope this (too long) review will be useful info for the other potential customers
Do not order!!

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