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Surly and unfriendly service in some areas

First of all I very much rate Waitrose and the generally superior products it sells. I have a particular issue to comment on which I have found in each of the Waitrose I have used; especially the one in Canary Wharf.

It is this - I always feel that the meat and fishmongers exude unfriendly and almost subtly surly attitudes. They are less than 'attentive' and take their good sweet time completion their conversations or some incidental task before turning their blank- faced mechanical attention to the customer. So often I turn up to find a turned back or more often simply a silent automaton wiping a bit of counter or otherwise engaged in something which forces one to wait politely. And it is only after a clumsy wait that you get 'served'. It leaves me feeling always as if I've just inconvenienced them.

I just never get that as consistently anywhere else and I've left it for years without giving voice to it. However had to get it out of my system!

The next step is to approach the store management and see if they have had other similar observations.

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