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Wide range, quick delivery, inexpensive

I buy a wide range of cereals, grains, flakes etc to make up my fancy rats' staple diet. Works out a lot cheaper than buying proprietary rat food and I can keep the ingredients in the right proportion (most ready-made rat food has too much protein and/or fat in it). Many thanks from Rosie, Billie, Ripley, Newt, Ghost, Inki, Bella & Coco.


Fantastic service

I've ordered specs online before from other firms with varying degrees of satisfaction, but this was by far the best service I've had. Their instructions to mark up some old lenses to show where my pupils would be in relation to the lenses were an idea I've not come across before, but the specs were fine when received. When they called to check my details before making the lenses I was expecting the usual "upsell" but no, they were completely open in telling me that the cheapest lenses they did would be perfectly good. I ended up adding a couple of coatings just out of personal choice and the cost, for varifocal reglazing including postage, packing and recorded delivery both way? £92.50. Couldn't be happier, and will definitely be back

If something seems too good to be true....

Ordered what looked like a nice pair of Prada specs, described as semi-rimless which I always have, with varifocal lenses. Glasses that arrived were not semi-rimless - had a distracting steel band around the bottom of the lenses, not sure if this was what Prada intended or just the optician having to strap the lenses in because they didn't fit the frame properly. Lenses were awful - I have ordered varifocals from other online sources without trouble but these seemed to be bifocal rather than varifocal, and with only a very small area of useful sight for both near and far sight - if I turned my head at all there was a horrendous goldfish bowl effect for the first few millimetres of turn, then complete blur. When I initially approached them for rectification/refund they tried to fob me off, basically saying it was my fault for ordering varifocals online and they were very cheap so what did I expect? Well, they were cheap for Prada but they were still £230, and I gave them my correct, 4 month old, prescription. When I pushed it they refunded the frames but not the lenses so I was £25 out of pocket, plus the postage to return the glasses. I would say that this company offers very cheap frames which is why they get 2 stars instead of 1, and perhaps they would be fine for someone needing only single vision lenses, but I will not be using them again.

22 November 2013

Reply from SelectSpecs

Hi David,

With regards to the frame, this is described by Prada as being Semi-Rimless and this metal band is part of the frame design - we do not add any parts to hold lenses in.

Sorry to hear about the lenses, these were definitely varifocal and not bifocal, we made these to your prescription and the lenses were tested as being correct. It may be that our lenses were a different thickness to the ones you have tried before that worked for you?

I've looked at the correspondence and cannot see any evidence of us 'fobbing' you off. There's always a risk with buying multifocal lenses online but we do have a high success rate for ensuring the glasses are correct for the customer.

If you do consider buying single vision glasses in the future then please approach us and mention this problem and we should be able to help you.

Kind regards,



Ordered new lenses for my Radar Paths - arrived in 3 working days, exactly as ordered. Completely happy. Nice one!

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