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great food bad discs

THe monopoly of all supermarkets poor dvd/cd media avoid at all costs.


Waste Of Time

A company who would sell cheap nasty media instead of brands like Verbatim bcause they cannot afford them via wholesale.

Company will go bust before long.
Don't use cheap media for anything if you do you will loose your data for life.


Buy Now Pay Later

lk away with the item you paid for for free.
cdrs and dvdrs Discs too expensive inexpriecned staff,


Over 10 years

Been with orange for ovr 10 years a logn servicne customer who is valued by Orange

Verbatim Europe


I have bought so many of your discs and these aint no cheap throwaway discs @ full price ppl say £34.99 uprto £40 per x100 pack.

If you are clever you can buy them@ £20 per x100 pack.


The Largest Pro Wrestling covers Forum Ever

Ou site has the largest database of wrestling covers custom/scans for all your needs, to develo as a graphics designer or simple contribute.


Fantatsic Food

Great offers buy x2 main meals for £12 buy 1 starter or dessert, main and glass of wine for £10 the food is top of the range high quality and large portions, friendly staff and if you become a regular you always get your favourite seats.


WWF WWE@S Only UK distributor

I have collected Silver Vision VHS & DVD releases since day 1.
When the voice over said "increase your libary of WWF videos" I did and today i own them all on VHS & DVD.

Orderign a dvd from SV it will be with you (if you live in the UK) the next day many of the old VHS are being re-released on dvd slowly bur surely.

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Michael Cole
Barnstaple, United Kingdom


Other people see me as a fresh, lively, charming and amusing, person whom is practical, and always interesting; and who's constantly in the center of attention. Sufficiently I'm well-balanced not to let it things go to my head. People also see me as a kind, and considerate, and a very, very understanding person who will always cheer people up and help them out.
My personality I'm fun loving, adventurous, optomistic, versatile, trustworthy, I sometimes can be impatient, and restless at times and yes I am a very sensitive person.

I'm deeply spiritual and love it.