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I do hope you get to read this review before you make an order with these people. It has been the most HORRENDOUS experience possible online. Whatever you do, DON"T ORDER FROM INFURN!!!! They have a scam going where their attractive site gives you every confidence that an item you order is in stock and that you can simply and efficiently order it for home delivery. Once you place an order (and payment has been made), no confirmation email is sent to you and - only when you check back on their log-in page - you will find that the delivery date is some 6 months in the future. Of course there is no possible way to contact anyone. They have no phone number where you can speak to anyone, they have a ridiculous call-back service that books you in some 14 days in advance and they don't answer emails. There is NO easy way to cancel an order. As per other reviewers on here, you are then stuck in a horrible cycle in which they sit on your money and give you a very lengthy process in the hope that you give up and let them keep the cash. It is a horrible sinking feeling to know that you have been 'had' this way and I do hope that they are shut down. This way of doing business is nothing short of despicable and they should be ashamed of themselves.


Dear Valerie,

Still no emails from your company anywhere.. not in my spam folder or anywhere else.

I am not sure how the hundreds of reviews concerning your business practices (available through this site and the many others online) are not enough to discourage you from working there. But let's assume that you really believe in what you are doing, and that you feel this is a worthwhile way to earn a living.

30 day for a refund IS A SCAM. It takes no more than 3 mouse-clicks on most merchant account systems to refund a card. What possible excuse would you have for that length of time to process a refund? See below in other reviews and understand that this is a MAJOR problem with the way you conduct business. As is your tendency to hide the delivery details on products. This is not a transparent way to operate and frankly I am surprised that the many hundred of VERY disappointed customers are not enough to, at the very least, prompt an internal review.

May I suggest that you look at a faster refund on my order and those of other people sitting waiting for you?

Also, on the note regarding your callback service. Are you really suggesting that booking a callback for the 14th of next month is an acceptable timeframe? Really???? I would wager that if you were in my shoes you would be just as shocked as I am.

Let's see if you prove me wrong and issue a refund immediately. It is within my statutory rights to request one, and any other non-scam company on the internet can manage to process one immediately, so why cant you? If you are able to prove me (and the many other people below) wrong, then I am willing to edit my review accordingly.

Let's see....


Words are very easy indeed. Let us see how long it takes you to action the refund or whether you will be sending one of your emails asking for patience because you missed the deadline... (see below at other reviews for examples of this).

I am willing to review my opinion based on actions not words. As soon as a refund is processed in a satisfactory and reasonable fashion I am happy to write that it has been done. People deserve to know what they are getting into.

UPDATE.... 08.10.13

Sadly, it is starting to look like I am one of the group of people who won't get their refund for a looong, long time. Almost 2 weeks and still nothing. Like another reviewer pointed out - this is a process that takes normal companies a few minutes!!! I have also emailed their customer service 4 days ago and still no answer about anything. Re-emailed today but let's see. It would've been nice to be proven wrong, but I can see from the latest reviews that I was right all along.

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26 September 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Up-date: 26/09.

Hello Alex,

Thank you for your comments but we still do not agree with you and to call this a scam, when thousands of Customers have received their goods is defamatory.

Your cancellation request was agreed to and accepted, and irrespective of your opinion of the callback system, you received a written response and confirmation of this within 24 hours.

The refund policy is clearly stated along with our delivery times on the site. We cannot be held responsible for the fact that it is not to your liking, and as the refund is neither late nor overdue, there is no cause for complaint or derogatory remarks.

Kind regards

Hello Alex,

Thank you for your review today, but we consider your statements to be unfair and untrue.

We have received your 3 email messages but as the earliest one was 20 hours ago, less than one day old, we are sorry that you felt the need to post a negative review so quickly.

The Customer service team do aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours, and we do not think this is an unreasonable response time. Unfortunately, the system gets congested when customers send several emails within quick succession. We also have the callback system available and many Customers do use this means of contact.

We have checked your order details, and the order was placed on the 22nd September and the User date confirmation email was sent to you 2013-09-22 13:30:02, and the order confirmation email was also sent: 2013-09-22 13:30:08, both on the same day.

It maybe that the order confirmation email has gone to your spam folder, as sometimes happens.

Your statement regarding the advertised delivery time is incorrect, the standard delivery time shown on the website is 10 - 18 weeks and details of this are shown in several places under Delivery times and also in the Terms and Conditions which are available to all Cusotmers to read prior to placing the order.

The exception to the standard delivery time is if you order from the In stock section, as these products do give a quicker delivery time which is also shown.

There is no scam involved at all, we have now confirmed your order cancellation and your refund will be processed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

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