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Very Poor Experience

I have been purchasing items online for many years and this was one of the worst experiences I have had. The purchase was of a weather station for a Christmas present, bought via Amazon. When it was opened for use the weather station itself was totally dead and not functioning at all. Emailed (via Amazon) to inform Elite Gadgets of this and to ask for full refund.
After 5/6 days or so of hearing nothing I phoned repeatedly and got many engaged tones but eventually got through but only to an answer machine - I left a message.
After 10 days I emailed again via Amazon saying how unimpressed I was with both the non-working item and also with hearing nothing and again asked for a full refund. About a day later got quite an abrupt email back saying that if they hadn't replied it must only be because they hadn't had an email and saying a replacement would be sent.
I replied repeating again that I wanted a full refund and also, as Amazon keeps a copy of emails sent to sellers, I copied that into my reply.
I was sent another email saying I could return the item and including a returns form to complete - but no post paid coupon. I completed the form and returned the item at my expense but with cost of return postage noted inside the item. About a week or 10 days later I had not received a refund but was sent another weather station! I had to email yet again to get my refund (without the return postage) and also had to return the 'extra' weather station they had sent.
So, a broken item was sent and it took 4/5 emails, a phone call and almost a month of time for the matter to be resolved and I still ended up out of pocket.
Very poor experience indeed.
The only reason it is 2 stars rather than 1 is that according to the review scoring system 1 is only for an experience that 'can be considered as fraud'.

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