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Another delay and no response to emails

Infurn is driving me crazy. Delivery of my lamps has moved again, now the say they will be delivered in March, 1 year after order and payment... I asked for clarification by sending them an email at on January 23 and a reminder a week later. But I'm not receiving any reply.... So no goods and no answers. What a BAD service. This feels like fraud and steeling from me! Don't buy here!
I placed below review 6 weeks ago and never got a reponse via this website. Only a call from the same guy that sold me bullshit before... And guess what I found out this morning: delivery moved again, now from December 10th to Feb 18, 2014, 11 months after my order and payment. This is totally unacceptable. Looking at all the other reviews, I just wonder how these guys at Infurn can still believe their owns stories....

Infurn: how are you going to solve this?

Best regards

I ordered two lamps on March 30, 2013. Delivery would take place 10-18 wks later (so latest Aug 3). Since then, delivery has been postponed several times. Initally 8 wks to Sept 27, then to October 27. Today I found out that the delivery of one lamp is again postponed, now to Devember 10, 37 weeks (almost 9 months) after my order AND payment. This is unacceptable. Information is only provided via their website, where it would be much easier to inform customers via email direclty. You cannot call them directly and some of my call back requests have not been answered. The times I did get in touch with their customer service department, I received bad service and rude behavior from this guy. He gave an absolute promise on delivery timings several times (refering to thge arrival of the container ship) and when asked why he promised something he could not deliver, he just told me that it was not his fault and hang up... Last time (with the second delay) he wrote me an email stating that my bonus account would be credited with another 10%, but this only happened after two follow ups from my side.

What they told me that the initial delay was caused by the fact that the products did not pass the "quality check". I understand this is their standard response. If there is a real quality issue with this many customers, they should be looking for better partners....

INFURN: please speed up the delivery of the lamps that I payed 6 months ago. And can I please suggest that you fix your service and customer service? Looking at the number of similar complaints, you cannot take your responses seriously anymore? I would appreciate if any follow up with me would be done by a different customer service agent vs the rude guy who contacted me before.

Best regards
Mark Voncken

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