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Good experience event though merchandise was faulty

I have ordered a jacket at Zoovillage, payment without problems through PayPal (love when online shops offer this method!), delivery happened with one week. So far so good. Unfortunately the jacket did have a sewing mistake and I needed to return it and make a claim. I contacted the Danish customer service, who were very friendly and guided me through the process. I was constantly updated on the status of my claim, eg. when they received the jacket, when they reviewed the claim, and when they re-credited my money incl. the shipping cost I paid for the return. I really appreciated that.
Although the jacket was faulty, I had a very good experience with Zoovillage or let me say their Danish customer service.

I have just ordered another merchandise from Zoovillage, and I had it delivered within 2 days to Denmark, although I did not expect my package before after the holidays. I am super happy with the fast delivery plus my jacket was 20% cheaper than in any store I have looked. Would recommend Zoovillage any day.


Not good enough - or better: not good at all!

In my experience DHL Denmarks delivery service is very problematic to say it mildly. To the point where I do not order online anymore if the online shop uses DHL as their parcel service! I had DHL deliver parcels on multiple occasions and every single time I have been disappointed with their service.

To give you one of the many exaples: I have been waiting for a scheduled delivery for two days which after the first attempt failed (although I was at my address waiting for the parcel). The second re-scheduled attempt has also failed, again although I have been waiting at the address! I have waited for 2 days at home not leaving the house from 8-17 (!!!). (as DHL's delivery service is soooooo increadibly INFLEXIBLE when it comes to scheduling a specific time)
Rescheduling the delivery was very easy through an online form, but I did not receive my parcel on both of the rescheduled dates. To ensure delivery I instructed the driver (though DHL's customer service) to call my mobile on arrival. The driver did NOT call and I was later told by DHL's service center that the drivers have to use their private phones (!!!) to contact customers, which is of course unlikely for them to do!
Apart from the driver not calling, the driver did not at anytime over
the two delivery attempts ring the door bell. The door bell was
functioning since I received other deliveries from the Post over the same period as DHL was meant to deliver. I used the tracking system and could see that the package was én route, until it suddenly stated "failed delivery attempt". How is this possible, when I was at the address all day and not once the doorbell rang??? Has DHL's driver even been in front of my door? I seriously doubt it!

After a long and detailed complaint to the customer service, in hope for DHL to improve on their service, I received a very unsatisfying short reply: "Thank you for your inquiry. I'm sorry your shipment was delayed."

My recommendation: Try to avoid DHL Denmark when you can - at least for now.


Quite good, but beware of return policy

It is easy to buy from Shipping is fast and convenient. However, I just want to make you aware that their 100% free return policy is not entirely 100% in my opinion. With your delivery you get a pre-paid return stamp, so you do not need to pay anything at the post office. However - after returning an entire order, I did not get the whole refund - my refund was minus DKK 59, which are their shipping cost. After contacting the customer service about this I got the following answer:
" Regarding your request; We have free return policy; it means we send you, a pre-paid label to return the item, in case you want to return the item. However; it is compulsory to pay shipping charges in all the orders. We do apologise for the inconvenience"
So, all in all it is quite all right to deal with them, just be aware that you will always have to pay DKK 59 even if you return your items.


Everything went easy with the ordering on the website. All the ordered goods were delivered fast. However I got my delivery two days later, not the next day, as advertised (I did not bother me, and it was probably PostDanmarks fault, but I just want to let you potential customers kn)..)

Jeg er meget tilfreds...igen!

Shampoo-Pusher har super gode tilbud på produkter. Levering var lynhurtig!

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