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Absolutely Diabolical

Don’t ever use this company they are absolutely useless!!! Ordered and paid for a dishwasher online was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday - NOTHING TURNED UP! So I called them and was told the order is complete, er no its not as I am sat here in my house with no dishwasher. Well it says complete on my screen. Well I'm telling you its not complete as it hasn't turned up so where is it??? Its been delivered!!! I feel we are going round in circles here WHAT PART OF IT HASN'T BEEN DELIVERED ARE YOU NOT GETTING???!!! I AM SAT HERE WAITING FOR IT!!!!! ITS NOT HERE!!! HENCE ME CALLING YOU!!!!! Eventually we agree that there has been an error on their part and we re-arrange delivery for Friday (today!) So I take yet another day off work and sit in and wait. Guess what...
no dishwasher!!!! Call Curry's speak to about 5 different people they promise to ring me back, 4 hours later nobody has called me, I have however called twice to speak to them and of course been fobbed off again. STILL NO DISHWASHER, STILL NO EXPLANATION AS TO WHERE IT IS AND WHY IT ISN'T INSTALLED IN MY HOUSE AND STILL NO NEW DELIVERY DATE!!! To say I am annoyed is a massive understatement. I have never received such poor customer service and lack of communication from any other company. I WILL NEVER USE CURRY'S TO BUY ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thatcham, United Kingdom