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outstanding order for 3 months and LF wants a second non receipt from from me. WHAT?

I'm from Singapore and I ordered 2 items (order no. 29021363) from LF in July and didn't receive it in august. I actually waited 20 days as indicated in their email but my products still did not arrive. I emailed them regarding this matter and they requested me to complete a non receipt of goods form. Following that, they replied that my order was 'still outstanding'. How could this have happened when they sent me an email beforehand stating that "my order has been dispatched and arrived at the export hub".
They did not offer any explanation how this could have happened and promised to send my replacement and supposed to reach me by 2 Sept.
The goods did not arrive so I emailed them again. They(someone named Jade) said that they confirmed that my goods has been delivered and should be with me shortly. So I waited for another week but again no news. I emailed them again and they actually had the audacity to ask me to fill up another non receipt of goods form( this time, someone named George)!
I replied that I already sent one non receipt form before and it makes no sense that I have to fill in another one for the SAME product I did not receive! ANOTHER CS (Jordan) rep replied that they are sorry that this have happened and using the same template, asked me for the form. Did they actually read my email?
What made me see red was that they kept using the same standard replies all the time and the customer service rep kept changing. I wonder if they actually read my email or not.
How is LF still in operation with so many complaints? this is actually my first time ordering anything online and just my luck to run into this dishonest company. LF should be shut down immediately!

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