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Fantastic themes at great prices, just watch out for unsupported products.

I've personally purchased a small number of WordPress themes through ThemeForest and have encouraged a number of friends and clients to do the same for their own websites (most of which I have then gone on to install for them).

The service offered by ThemeForest themselves is pretty good. They clearly have a level of quality control that is applied to all of the content on the site so that you don't end up purchasing a theme which looks good but doesn't work. All of the themes I have purchased have always worked out of the box with the latest version of WordPress.

The only thing that lets ThemeForest down a little is that there have been a few occasions where the documentation for a theme has been poorly written and it's taken my a couple of hours to figure out why some features of the theme aren't functioning as they do the demo. The problem is that many of the themes use a variety of WordPress plugins. Some themes package these with the theme itself and others rely on you manually uploading or downloading yourself (which isn't always clear from the documentation). As such, you can sometimes spend a bit of time faffing and struggling to get it working as it should.

Most of the authors on the site do seem to take a lot of pride in their work and will fix and update their theme as/when it becomes incompatible with WordPress of a required plugin. Unfortunately, some others get left by the wayside a little and degrade a little over time. Never anything I've not been able to hack a fix too - but still, it's just a little bit of friction which prevents me from giving the service 5 stars.

Overall, I would still recommend ThemeForest to friends and clients, just make sure you take a little care to ensure it's written by a popular author.


Great online tracking and good service from my experience.

I recently ordered a new computer from PC Specialist and it was delivered through DPD. Soon after the parcel was dispatched from PCS I received my tracking number which was great for tracking the location of my parcel through their online system. Unfortunately, I received an email stating that my parcel would be with me the next day and to wait for a message telling me a time. Later in the process, it turns out my parcel had gone to the wrong depot and had to go back to the hub, adding a day onto the delivery time.

Fortunately, as I work from home this was not a problem at all. Had I taken a day off work, it could've been more of a problem. Overall though, I was very pleased that I received very good information about the problems with my delivery. I understand that mistakes do happen, and I really appreciate the fact that DPD kept me informed as soon as they realistically could. On the day of delivery I got a message telling me the approximate time of arrival (in an hour band) and it arrived within that time.

Great service - many thanks!

01 October 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi John,

It's good to hear that the communications were good. Sorry about the unfortunate parcel misroute, which added a day to the delivery time. Glad to hear that it was still a positive experience overall :)

Kind regards,


Seven years of excellent hosting and flawless service and still going strong.

I've had a 'Silver Virtual Server' package with Rose Hosting for over seven years now and it's been running almost 100% of that time. Whenever I have had a problem with my hosting, it has nearly always been my own fault as you are expected to configure and update your hosting yourself with a VPS package (that's kind of the point of purchasing this type of hosting).

On the rare occassion where I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my Linux distribution isn't playing ball, the technical support offered through the online chat system has always been second to none. The platform gets better and better year on year and it's now possible to reinstall your Linux server through the user control panel. I've not had any problems whatsoever as a UK client and find that the online support is available at accessible times of the day.

My only minor gripe is that you sometimes have to prod the online technical support to have your account updated to the latest specifications. For instance, my server is still 10-20GB where I see now that the Silver package should offer 30GB. However, this seems to be the norm across hosting providers, and with a polite query on the technical support chat I know my instance will easily be updated to the current product offering. I'm left only to thank Rose Hosting for being an excellent service provider for so many years.

PC Specialist Ltd

Great product, speedy service and endless customisation!

I recently ordered a 15" Vortex IV gaming laptop after previously owning a 17" Alienware. While I was tempted by the shiny-ness of another Alienware, I decided to do the sensible thing and save approximately £400-500 on almost the same configuration of laptop from PC Specialist. I am, so far, definitely not disappointed with my decision.

It was great to see that I could get a 15" laptop instead of the usual 17" behemoths that I usually own without losing any of the potential power I wanted in my machine. I tweaked and customised my build over the course of a few days which was fun in a geeky way. It's a bit of a shame that the drop-downs on the configuration pages don't list the price changes (you have to select the component and check the new price) but that was only a minor gripe. After confirming my build configuration I selected a fast 5-day build time so I could get to gaming faster.

After placing my order it was really nice to be able to see exactly what stage of the process your build is currently in. There is a flow chart consisting of about 10-stages and each shows you how close you are to receiving your laptop. My laptop was built in under the 5 business days as quoted and shipped out using DPD. While my parcel was delayed by a day thanks to DPD first shipping it to the wrong depot, I was kept informed of this at every step. Even though it was a day late, it was nice to be kept informed - I understand people make mistakes, and don't mind as long as they own up to them and do their best to fix it (which DPD did). As soon as the laptop arrived I installed an SSD I had lying around in the DVD drive-bay and reinstalled Windows 8 from the provided DVD via an external drive - it's great that they provide an actual install DVD instead of just a recovery partition.

Two weeks or so later and I couldn't be happier with my laptop. It's a sleek and clean black case (no ugly logo stuck on the back) with a lovely screen and feels well put together. I get the expected 80C CPU and GPU temps while playing heavy hitters like Battlefield 3 and have no reason to complain at all. I have not had any reason to contact their technical support so I am unable to leave feedback in that regards, but the rest of their service has been great for me.

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