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Print quality is good but online ordering (print size) is chaotic.

The print-size pre-selected options are extremely limited - Custom, or Original from file, which inexplicably varies between frames shot on the same camera, using the same camera settings. There are no other standard print size options offered whatsoever.
In the lower section "Current Exposing Process" one's selected size in mm is displayed in inches with a suggested "Change Size" option given in inches, but when you click on this suggested size there is no change in the order, nothing happens!
The resolution displays in the upper and lower parts of the print spec window do not correlate, for the same print size my present window is displaying 183 dpi in the upper section and 300 dpi in the lower section.
Many professional photographers will not complain because they want to appear as being expert in every aspect of photography but a procedure that normally takes me
5 - 10 mintes on other professional print sites actually took me over one and a half hours at my first attempt on your site.

01 October 2013

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Dear Peter,

Many thanks for your review. We're sorry to learn you encountered difficulties with the online order system. The upper section of the order interface is editable, the lower section is purely for information about the print process. The resolution information displayed in the lower section shows the native resolution of our printers and will always show 300dpi. As we calculate the cost of prints from size brackets, The "Charge Size" section displays what bracket your file size falls within.

In order to give our customers complete control of the size of their prints we do not offer a selection of standard sizes. We always recommend sizing your file exactly as you would like it printed before uploading. Should you ever have any questions about ordering online, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for printing with us and for taking the time to review our service. We are currently working on a brand new ordering system that we hope will further enhance the experience and your feedback helps us to achieve this.

Kind Regards,


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