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Never again

I having been with three for two years, I had never had a problem. Then when in France, I couldn't get a Network anywhere - no option to select a carrier. So I filled out the online support form, asking them to call my wifes number which was working perfectly on Orange. Nothing for 10 ten days...... get back to the UK to find out they had left a message on my phone... on which I couldn't get a network. After calling them back, they said 'well we did try and call you' really?? on my number that couldn't connect to a network. I decided to call back giving them the benefit of the doubt, bug mistake....The first support person said, 'so you are in France now?' I said No I don't get a network there so if I am calling you clearly I don't have a problem. They then suggest could I go there and call me back. I said are you serious, answer Yes.... anyway the third support person said you just select the Network, despite the fact there was none to select, they called me a Liar, then hung up - wow what great service. So after this I decided I would cancel my contract as it was coming up for renewal. I just wanted to cancel and get my PAC code, the bloke I spoke to kept on saying I could get me a good deal, he didn't seem to understand I wanted to leave, after 25 minutes I end up yelling on the phone, just give me my PAC code, he then concedes and says, well I can't do that I will pass you onto my colleague.... This is totally pathetic, so the last person was nice, however still offered me several deals in order to keep me to stay. I will never ever ever ever go with three again.

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