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Just-Eat.dk Aps

Fint service.

Har bestilt der uden problemer.
Du skulle være opmærksom på, at de skjuler del af fragtomkostninger i varepriser.
Der er ikke mulighed at finde restauranter sorteret efter afstand (GPS eller adresse).

Lebara Mobile

God nok taletid med næsten alle servicer jeg har brug for.

Mange ting funger fint og billigt. Også VPN.
Ofte forbinder ikke når man ringer til udlandet.
Nummer er skjult når man ringer til udlandet.
Den nye website er rent lort.


General anbefalet, men...

Mit konto er slettet efter 11 måneder. Hmmm.
Websiden virker langsomt.
Stor udvalgt af varer.

BJ Trading

Virkede fint for mig.

Har købt forskellige varer. Altid glad.


Virkede fint for mig, med på svensk.

Fik produkted hurtigt. Nogle e-mailer fik på svensk.


Altid hurtig, men hvorfor ikke adgang til routeren?

Virker fint for mig for nogen måneder nu.
Et problem er, at jeg har router, men kan ikke bruge den på den måde jeg vil gerne.


Ok kundeservice og kvaliteten

Men 3G data virker ikke så god som jeg vil gerne. Virker for langsomt og for mange gange kun på EDGE (i stor byen!).

Delight Mobile

Du betaler for kvaliteten

Ofte meget svært eller umuligt at forstå hinanden når man ringer til Polen. Lav lydkvaliteten.

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Altid fint.

Varer er altid til tid.



Perfekt. Ingen problemer.


Not perfect, but very happy.

I have few accounts with them in two different countries, as well as one loan.
Internet services are very fine. Personal contact usually without any big issues.
I just had two strange situations with them:
*twice they declined to give me Dankort
*they did not want to give me a loan for a car (they claimed that it is because I do not have permanent resident permit)
Both cases where eventually accomplished.

Anyway I do not plan to switch somewhere else, as I am quite happy with services and support.

3 (HI3G Danmark ApS)

Not a client - they did not allowed me to be (frequently).

It is unbelievable how can it be that I have been a client of two different companies over last 5 years of stay in Denmark, but I was never allowed to be a client in '3'.
They just say that it's 'loan policy'. Right. Like I am much different from a Dane. Like I really don't stay here long, I am not educated and do not have a job.
Nice of that company. Really.

Canal Digital Danmark

[Internet] Generally fine and fast. Occasionally issues.

I write just about the Internet connection on cable TV channel.

Usually speeds are as announced. Ping and stability are also very fine.
Occasionally there are short (sometimes frequent) outages.

Support once was very helpful by upgrading router's software. But I still believe that I should be just informed about it earlier and it should be done automatically in short time after upgrade was available.

Second time I complained about filtering some incoming ports (Microsoft File Sharing), but even if I am software engineer and I am 100% sure that configuration is fine and worked with Fullrate, I was told that they do not filter those ports. I believe that they don't want to open those ports, or people I talked with don't know what exactly is going on.
Update: Finally confirmed that ports 25 (with exception of CanalDigital's server), 137–139 (udp/tcp), 445 (udp/tcp) and 1025 (udp/tcp) are closed in both directions.

Quite mixed feelings.

Fullrate A/S

Stable, reliable and good quality service with some very small drawbacks behind.

I am client of that company for a long time already.
Service is very reliable, stable and almost no issues at all.
SMS system informing about failures and very quick reactions are incredible.
Remember that only way to pay is credit card!

Small issues:
*IP telephony is so expensive, that is better not to use it at all
*router I got (ZyXEL P-2602HW-D1A) or service itself does not like too many connections (like tens or hundreds; it slows down responses few times)
*you cannot use your own SIP account on router provided, as well as you cannot use SIP account provided on any other device than router
*I need little bit higher speeds, and Fullrate is not able to provide me such service where I live

27 June 2011

Reply from Fullrate A/S

Hi Daniel.
Thank you for the great review! We’re glad to hear you enjoy our services.

It is possible to buy different extra services for the telephone e.g. Foreign Calls, for 19,- (*updated price*) a month, and you get 50% off, on all international calls. You also have the option to buy Free Calls to Land lines for 50,- a month and Free Calls to Land Lines and Cell Phones for 150,- a month.

The ZyXEL P-2602HW-D1A has a maximum capacity of 6000 active connections. But there is a chance that your router has been limited to 500 per user, so I’d advise you, to contact our support per phone, to get this checked. This depends on the firmware version in your router.

It is true that you cannot use the IP Telephone, with your own equipment. And it’s not possible to setup your own SIP settings in the Zyxel router. The reason is that our IP Telephone is running on a separate network, than the data, which also is the reason why the router has a Voice IP and a Data Ip. But it is possible to connect an IP Telephone box, as long as it uses a RJ45 connection. It just requires SIP ALG in the Zyxel router to be deactivated. For more information and advice, please contact our support on 32154500.



Really stingy. Tries to force client to pay for things client shouldn't.

Bought a car there. Quite happy on the beggining. Then I had two cases.
After winter realized that used wheels wheren't in too good condition. Additionally it was said "one season" tires, but they where 3 years old.

After warranty period (but within 6 months) air conditioning found not to cool down air. Company claims that it's repaired (not checked by me yet), but after that money where claimed to compensate half of expenses, even if there was no proof that air conditioning broke during 5-months usage. Worth mentioning that money where claimed AFTER reparation and without good PROOF.

Then (8 months after deal) rust was found on the back hatch, which clearly looks like effect of production defect. It means that it was most probably there the day car was bought. Of course Kurt did not want to take care of it.

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