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If you just need a second phone...

....although some of the higher end phones such as the iphone(s) are a bit over priced, the phone's at the lower end are a bit of a steal, if you've got a phobia of ebay, these guys are recommended as they are reliable and the customer service is fantastic!

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Young buyers recommended

I've had a contract with them for little over a year and i've had absolutely no problems with them (touch wood) you can get a lot for £10 a month, and they've even introduced a blackberry price plan for a tenner as well, which is a steal as i don't remember any other company offering the same deal. Perfect for those who want a lot of text, decent amount of minutes and decent phone for just ten pounds, but remember, there's also t-mobile, who can also offer about the same, i think they share the same network, but if i was to pick between the two, i'd go for tmobile, but if you need a blackberry, virgin mobile hands down :)


It's fantastic!

I've been a member for over a year now and i'm still shocked about the sheer amount of things that is to be found there! a true haven for gaming freaks (like myself ;) ) but also anyone who has an interest in gagdet related stuff. The online community there are brilliant, a fun lot to be with. Can't go wrong.

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Crave anime?

It's brilliant, over a thousand animes on site, and best of all, it's free, They have mulitple links incase one goes down and there's also an online forum with a warm and welcoming community. So pick an anime, get a cup of coffee and some biscuits, sit back and enjoy :D

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Split personality

One day they're bloody amazing, but another... not quite so. It all depends on the day really, I find that if you order something on anyday apart from thursday, it won't be broken/the person at customer services isn't evil. Putting all the sarcasm aside, it's really not a bad place to be, recommended


They just keep getting better every year!!

Nothing wrong with them, except you do get the odd seller who might try to rip you off, always keep an eye out for red herrings; such as tiny writing, item location (if it's in hong kong, you WILL be charged extra for courier). Also, if you're a seller, make sure do recorded delivery as I did get one buyer claiming he didn't receive an item, but since i did recorded delivery, royal mail themselves have stated they did :D ah epic moment. But anyway, yes, it's a very good site for buying/selling: their "daily deals" section's worth a look as well.


It might just be me but........

.......they're so friggin slow!!! Sent them a phone, took them 3 days to receive it, 4 days to check it and in the end, i only received my money a week and a bit later!


Good stuff, but it aint gonna be cheap!

In short:

Coverage: excellent

Pricing: The more expensive it is, the more you get, you might want to avoid getting the £10 a month contract, as you only get 50 minutes of talk time, whereas t-mobile and vodafone give you a 100, but the upside is that you get unlimited text and a pretty decent phone when you compare the selection you get from t-mobile and vodafone (although tmobile have introduce three more phones for the £10 quid contract).

Customer service: Very helpful (a seemingly cheerful bunch), hard to fault them

Another thing worth noting is if you are an existing pay monthly customer, you might be elible for an early upgrade, so go to their website, type in your mobile number, and see what you can get :)


For all your mobile needs!

Has ALL the upto date news and reviews of mobiles and other gadgets, their reviews are unbiased, realistic, and best of all....well the site's pretty cool, check it!!!


Has almost everything (Car related of course)

Whether it's a Ford mustang GT500 or a Mclaren F1, it's bound to be there! i've trawled through that site a couple of times, and found my first love (my car in case you were wondering) and also where a sold it (anticlimatic much?), but the selling part was free!!! you can upload upto 6 photos as well!! And if you're a classic car enthusiast, this is your heaven on earth, regardless of how rare it is, you're bound to find it. I fyou don't believe, go see for yourselves :)


Forget smoking, this is much MORE addictive!!

A true haven for the petrol head inside you!!! Up to date stories and reviews, the infamous classified sections and of course group events and competitions, this website has the lot!!! Everytime i turn my computer on, this is what i go onto first! Sad but true, but it is a testament to how awesome these guys are!

Nuff said, go check it out NOW :D


It could of been something......

If you're reading this review, it's probably because you're considering on getting a contract with three, or just wondering if you're the only one who is/was experiencing hell with them.

Well good news! you're not the only one.

2 years is not a long time in terms of mobile contract years (not sure if that made any sense), but you're probably wondering; "well if they're that bad, why were you still with them?!"

That's because they refuse to let you go!! literally!!!

They offer what seems/seemed like a brilliant deal, in my case it was "unlimited landline minutes, 5000 three to three minutes" for £25 pounds, and that to me was all good, but when my contract was ending, i called them up and said, okay i'm gonna leave you guys, ciao!

and the person on the other side, who i strongly suspect is from india says to me: no sir! don't go! i will give you a good deal!
and the above deal was what i was offered, and when i asked if that was including/excluding VAT, i was told it was INCLUDING, and if i was going to be charged extra for talking to them, i was told NO. and guess what? wrong on both accounts. i was charged 8 pounds for talking to them and £28.75 (approx) a month for the contract, which, combined with the poor signal coverage made it the last straw. I called them up again, only to be confronted by a rude person from "customer services" who did not help me at all.

I know this review was long but it's just another way of showing the terrible experiences i've faced, and for YOU to stay well away from them. I'd advise you to look at deals from t-mobile, as I 've been with them for 6 years and NEVER had a single problem with them. "3" may give you deals that are tempting, but don't be sucked in!!!!


Wow, no seriously.......

You buy something today from Amazon, and if it's before 1pmish, you get it the next day!! Well okay you say; so how much is the delivery?

And I say: Free

Really have outdone themselves really, they price their products fairly, which is funny because they tend to undercut sellers on their OWN site, and they offer warranties on most electronics and a quibble free refund if you experience any problems.

Customer service is good too, as I asked them a question about one of their products, and a reply came 5 minutes later.

I've been an avid user of ebay, but i'm slowly being sucked into an abyss known as Amazon. Why? Because they're that good :D

T Mobile

Always thinking about the customer

I've been with them for 6 years for a good reason: They listen to what YOU want and make you an offer, well for me 6 offers; 6 years on and I have no regrets. At the moment, i'm on a contract where i'm given 300 minutes, 300 text and an internet booster (that i can change to something else anytime) that gives me unlimited internet browsing and 1gb of downloads. Oh and a free phone ;)... all of this for just 10 quid.
Reason being is that I'm entitled to a "loyalty discount" every year.

As a comparison, i've had a contract with 3, for about 2 years and I think i'm being a bit kind in saying that they're rubbish: Bad network coverage, and let's not even talk about customer service. Calling up customer service from my mobile would result in me receiving extra charges of 5 pounds and upwards, and when you do eventually get through after a 20 minute wait, what you get is an annoying individual who is NOT based in the U.K spouting nonsense, leaving you even MORE confused than you were before.

Whereas t-mobile have polite and understanding individuals that will resolve your issues without reducing your IQ, calling them up is free and now they have better coverage, thanks to them sharing networks with Orange.

All in all, you get more than what you pay for, no hidden costs and no nasty suprises. I certainly will stay with t-mobile for another 6 years if need be :)

Mazuma Mobile

Nobody else does better!!!

When I first started using mazuma back in 2009, I sent them a phone and received a cheque after about 2 days. NOW however, you send a phone and you get paid the next day. straight into your bank account!! i've probably sold more phones than i can count with my fingers, and never did i experience a single problem. I even sold a phone to envirofone and simply drop, just to see how they compare, but they were rubbish, envirophone took a week and a half to pay me whereas simply drop took A MONTH, only after i contacted them. Sure, these companies pay a bit more for your devices, but trust me; they're not worth the hassle.
In a sentence: Mazuma's brilliant, and you can't go wrong; I can place a hand on my heart and say "yes, go for it."

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