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No refund after 5 months (but read my updates)

On 25 April 2013 I placed an order, which I cancelled the next day. This entitled me to full reimbursement, and Infurn acknowledged this immediately by email. After more than 5 months and extensive communication through emails and phone calls, and despite several promises that “the money is now in the process of being refunded”, still no money has been refunded.

I do not want to bother the readers of this review with all the details. Just trust me, it has been a horrible experience. I can detect no intention on the part of Infurn to act within Infurn’s own terms or EU law.

This week I have discussed the matter with my bank, with the police authorities, and with the national consumer protection authorities. All institutions stand ready to assist. I have received all necessary forms to fill out. Of course, I have also gathered all documentation regarding the case. Finally, I have written a detailed description of events, which together with the documentation will help my bank, my credit card provider, and the authorities.

However, I would prefer that Infurn take proactive action instead of being forced to act, but time is running very fast.

Terje Myller, Norway

Only a couple of hours after this review was online, an Infurn representative called. She apologised, expressed understanding with my frustration and promised refund within a week at the latest. I'll post the final update within this timeframe.

The Infurn representative I spoke with a few days ago kept her word. My money is now finally back. Without making my case visible on Trustpilot, I'm far from sure that it would have happened. It goes without saying that I cannot recommend anyone to take the considerable risk of becoming an Infurn customer.

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