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Have they informed you that you gonna have wait few months for your order to be completed before you had made it?? -NO! Did you get any furniture after that terribly long time? -NO!! *(looking at all those opinions - of course NOT...) I have cancelled my order, they have promised my money back. Did I get any?? -NO!!! All those people here were waiting those 30 days and I am writing after "only 2 weeks". How much time did it take for Infurn to collect money? - 2 min.!! The same time shall it take for an employee to do a transfer to my account. Many unhappy customers? -Many sad minutes not months!!!
IS IT A SCAM AND A FRAUD?? - YES!!!! Some class action lawsuit could help.

Like many people here and all over Europe, I'm having serious issues with Infurn.

Here is the way they operate : They charged you immediately. 18 weeks later they push the already incredibly long delivery date WITHOUT TELLING YOU (you have to log in). Then when you ask for your reimbursement, they'll email and even call you to assure you you will get reimbursed. Then pretend to escalate the issue etc. And you will not get reimbursed.
I suppose they capitalize on the cumulated money that they keep until you ask for reimbursement ...when they don't simply and purely steal it as it is the case for me and many customers now. The word "steal" is appropriate as - like many here and elsewhere- did not get reimbursed. And there is no technical issue : they serve the same treatment for everyone (look at year old reviews with the exact same complains !).

Anyway, to the poor souls who already ordered with Infurn: Do no wait any longer (that's what they want!) , cancel your order now and ask for refund if not already done, and once the 30 days limit is over, OPEN A FRAUD CASE with your bank. Remember to provide all papers : cancellation mail, order number, proof of debit, order itself, possible mail exchange. The banks will then contact VISA (or Mastercard). Depending on your bank and country, you have a chance to be reimbursed. In any case, Infurn will eventually be sued and stopped.
My bank mentioned something as it's likely I'll get reimbursed as I'm not the first one making the fraud complain against them.

Also fill a complain to the European Consumer Centre. They have an investigation opened on the French site, and the Belgian one is issuing a warning against Infurn. The english version can be used too obviously.
I had to edit this review to remove the links (Infurn is actively trying to mask these informations as Trustpilot review appear high in Google), but a quick Google search on the terms "ECC" and "Infurn" will show you the right results. There is also a Facebook support group.
Ultimately, Infurn and its employees will be investigated and sued. You might not get your money back, but there is no reason they shouldn't pay for what they did. Plus, you'll help stopping them before more people encounter the same issues.

To Infurn: What you're doing is disgusting and you should be ashamed. And while I'm sure your bosses will get out of that thanks to their expensive lawyers and protections, I'm pretty sure that you, the unimportant employees who knowingly enable this operation, will feel the heat. And that makes me happy.

Edited to remove a certain word, and the links. Infurn employee who's trying to mask this review : I have talked to TrustPilot customer service to make sure I remove the "defamatory" term and have a compliant review. Have a nice day.

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