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Worst Customer Service I EVER experienced.

Worst customer service I've experienced from a PC re-seller!
I bought a system off them on Tuesday, arrived Thursday. Box is DOA. Contacted them today, went through the standard checks to confirm it's dead. Box needs replacing so they pick it up today, replacement here Tuesday. I need it NOW, not Tuesday so I asked for one straight away. They refused, and I can see why as they've been victim to fraud in the past. No problem with that.
I offered to PAY for a new box to be sent out today for receipt Saturday and refunded when the old box gets there on Monday. They won't do it as it's "against company policy". What's the problem? I've offered to pay for a new one! My wife (a national manager for a large multi-national company) spoke to their customer manager as I'm crap on the telephone and instantly had her back put up by their attitude. Completely inflexible, bordering on rude - and ignorant of good customer service practice.
Doesn't bode well for the future if I ever encountered a problem, does it? Then they told me it'd take 30 days to refund my purchase if I cancelled! Talk about insult to injury - I cancelled the order on the spot.
I'm self-employed and need a Windows PC to work (doing this on my trusty Linux laptop). That'll be 6 days not working - more than the PC cost! Thanks for nothing!
Good prices for the units, but bloody appalling customer service - I'd recommend avoiding after my dealings with them.

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