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Couldn't be Happier

After numerous disasters with Dolland and Aitchison I tried Vision Express (Warrington) 4 years ago and couldn't be happier. Pleasant and efficient service. I bought a new pair of glasses this week and the frame was scratched. It was replaced in less than 24 hours, very good considering the replacement frame was 50 miles away. Every business has niggles to iron out and it is how they deal with this that i normally judge them on. Can't fault them at all.


Can't fault them.

I have never had a moments problem with myprotein. Even the cheapest delivery option is always prompt. I don't think I have ever had to wait more than 48 hours from ordering to receipt of goods.
I was once double billed for an order (these errors can happen to any business and has only happened the once) and this was sorted out with the minimum of fuss. great products at great prices. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.


So near yet so far!

I have been with 3 for 6 years. Initially the coverage was shocking but it has slowly improved. In places it is still bad but in others it is better than Vodafone so swings and roundabouts really.
I have always found the staff in-store to be very helpful indeed but i do start to whimper when I have to call the customer service line. I have had both good and bad assistance. This week I wanted to cancel my broad band dongle, it took 40 minutes on the phone to do it. "Apparently" the computers were slow and inbetween screens he was trying to sell me others packages. This boy really must have come top of his class but i couldn't get angry as he was so bouncy and happy. I did feel this was an insult to my intelligence though. I also called this week to sort out being wrongly billed for usage on a handset. They said they'd refund the charges without any hassle. They are still showing on the account but the bill isn't due yet.
For the price and minutes on offer I would recommend them to someone I actually liked!

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