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avoid,BT lies.

I changed my down load allowance after 1 month,I was on half price for 6 months,when i upped my allowance I was told half price was still ongoing.I was lied to.lesson learned,get everything in writing.Ive changed supplier now,plusnet called me to claim £38 outstanding.I asked for breakdown in writing instead I got demand threatening debt recovery company.also dont pay in advance for line rental,no refund is given if you leave within 1 year(who reads small print anyway)
This whole industry needs investigated and thier stranglehold over customers should be relaxed.please dont go with this company,TV ads are misleading

15 October 2013

Reply from Plusnet

Hi Willie,

Sorry to hear you were less than satisfied with the service :(

If a customer changes their account type then promotional discounts don't tend to be carried across to the new product. This should have been made clear to you though and if we'd promised to do this then that promise should have been honoured. I must admit though, it strikes me as odd that you forfeited months of pre-paid line rental over a few months promotional credit?

Regarding the outstanding money, I'm sure we'll have made reasonable effort to settle the balance before passing your information to our debt management partner. I'll happily look into things though if you believe that not to be the case.

Not sure if this site features a messaging service, however you can get in touch by sending a private message over on our Facebook page.

You're right in saying that our Line Rental Saver product is not eligible for a refund if you leave during the year you have paid up front for. This is indeed part of the terms you agree to when signing up.

We do offer products with shorter contractual terms however they tend to incur higher set up fees compared to the contracted equivalents.

It sounds like we could have easily come to an agreement here so it's disappointing read that you felt the need to take your business elsewhere.

Best regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Digital Care.

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