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Very nice

Great program with no problems. I was surprised to see how quickly 2 GB fills up. Dropbox is an excellent application for group projects.



Overall, not a bad company to buy from. They have almost everything in the known universe, and if you are patient and low maintenance, service is not bad. I don't think service can ever be better than not bad due to the fact that it is a mall store. I've sent maybe a dozen inquiries to various vendors and have had one response. The one response I did receive was that the vendor "would research and get back to me" and of course they never did. And that was regarding an order that never showed up! Luckily, Amazon does have their A-Z Guarantee. They did step in and refund my money.

The layout is awful. Product descriptions are vague and not logically placed. Most seem like they are updated by mass data feed with little regard for editing or accuracy. "Fuzzy" would be a nice way of describing most of their product images.

I have to say they among the best at taking an order. If I know exactly what I want, I can order from my computer or my phone in seconds. For browsing and research, forget it. I'll bet you a nickel it's like that by design to prevent lookey-loo's from tying up bandwith. Smart, I guess.

Aside from Walmart and the IRS, I don't know of any other organization with a worse customer experience but can still continue to get my money. Overall though, not bad at serving its purpose. I do keep coming back.

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Tough to beat

This is probably the most consistently great web retailer I can think of. I've ordered countless times and the results are almost always the same. They usually have what I'm looking for, their prices are competetive, and speed of delivery is excellent.


Nice clean website, great service

Living out west and buying from a company called Boston Acoustics, I was prepared to wait a week or better for my goods to arrive. Boy was I surprised when they showed up the next day! Turns out they ship out of CA as well, and for free! Judging by the size of the box, freight couldn't have been cheap, even for a short distance. I don't know how they do it. Product sounds great as always.


Unbeatable selection

This place embodies everything that is right with the modern superstore. Of course, I'd rather go visit a winery or brewery. But for the sheer volume of choices and friendly staff, you can't beat it.


OK in a pinch, would rather shop online any place else

While they used to be known for great selection and prices, it doesn't seem to be the case any more. Perhaps my expectations have risen as I've gotten older, but it really seems like there isn't much difference between them and Walmart or Sears these days. Prices are ok, not great. Staff seems a little young and inexperienced. I admit I shop here but not by default. If I can wait, I buy online. If I'm willing to drive, I'd much rather go to Fry's. Fry's has a far better selection and more knowledgeable staff. I would only go to Best Buy if I wanted something today and didn't want to drive for it.


Great service, fast shipping!

Usually, when someone has the best price on the web, speed is an issue. Not so with I placed my order on Tues, the bag was on my doorstep Wed morning. Awesome!

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