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Tempur matress

Hubbie was convinced this mattress would change our sleep lives - well it almost worked !
Very expensive but told that this was the best quality on the market and with increasing back problems I was ready to spend the money for the ability to move when getting out of bed in the morning!
Assistant in the shop was engaging and helpful, but the choice of beds / mattresses is a very personal one and something that you can even get wrong so the reassurance that we could exchange our choice if we made a bad decision was a very encouraging selling point.
Delivery was swift and the men were polite, again being reminded that return was an option if we didn't like the mattress. They removed the old one for a small fee.
The weather was hot when we took delivery - and despite being assured that the mattress was better than others in not retaining heat - I have to say that I think it definitely accentuated the ambient heat! We were very hot throughout the summer - but the comfort rating out weighed the heat disadvantage. My back is brilliant since sleeping on this mattress - and I don't feel like I need to see a physiotherapist every morning! I admit it took a couple of weeks to get used to it but we didn't ever doubt about keeping it. Just be prepared to keep windows open and use less bed clothes - you will be warmer!!

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