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Treat people like common criminals

They have treated me like some thief twice already even though I never had overdrafts, loans or mortgages with them. They refused to offer me a student account because of 'bad banking conduct' to which I replied in shock and the advisor simply said to me 'Oh don't pretend you don't know' Apparently it was about a direct debit which caused me to go £3 in overdraft, which they initially said to me would be impossible as I had no available overdraft. While on a gap year I had two direct debits bounce after which I got back in touch with them to reinstate the direct debit of my phone contract. I specifically told them enough money was in the account and that they should not close my account. The customer services representative told me that everything was ok and that they were not going to close my account. Two months later in Brazil, my bank account had been closed! With a remaining balance of £90 in my account! They simply don't care, if you're not rich, they don't want you. Now I tried to open an account again, and they refused to offer me anything, as if I had stolen money from them. Good riddance!!

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