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Probably the worst mobile provider in the world

They have overcharged me on my final bill and are now completely ignoring me. Having to contact ofcom to get my refund. Non existand customer service


Thieves and liars

I used to be with this company for many years and then noticed my bills had doubled all of a sudden. I sat down with pen and paper and worked out my bills from my readings and found out they were ripping me off. I contacted their "customer support (haha) " dept only to be called a liar. I then switched suppliers am now my bills have halved each month and I have built up hundred of pounds of credit for the winter. Proof enough for me!!! They also get staff to post phoney reviews and compliments on here and on Facebook to try and make themselves look better!!!!
Please remember you can be tracked on other social network sites you idiots!
British gas! We are NOT stupid

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