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Never Again! Worst customer service I have EVER experienced

Issue is still ongoing so giving them 2 starts, on account of the benefit of the doubt, hoping we'll reach some sort of a resolution in the future, plus it *is* cheap, has to be said.
In short, tried to book a trip from London to Amsterdam for 8 people flying (but 9 staying in the hotel). This unequal number of people flying and staying the hotel, as I was initially told would not be a problem at all, the lady I spoke to would call the hotel and arrange for an extra bed in one of the double rooms. Sounds good. However, as I later found out it was infinitely and really unnecessarily complicated.
The lady I spoke to first seemed really nice and like she knew what she was doing, but when I told her I will call back tomorrow, she was quite adamant we book today as the price will increase the next day. Okay, so I asked her to call back in an hour. We waited and waited but she never called back, so I called lastminute myself and spoke to a different person.
And this is when everything went wrong. In short, this person (I was convinced it was a she, but it later turned out it was a man), booked a flight ticket for the one person that did not need the flight - only because he was present at the time and was using his card to pay the additional charge for the extra bed (£34). To me, it really should start ringing bells when everyone is paying upwards of £200 and this one person - when I repeatedly said one person only needs a bed - is paying £34.
So then my friends who did not get a flight because of this person's incompetence had to book their flights separately - and one person didn't manage to get a seat on the flight. It might also be worth mentioning that two of my friends, who were not present at the time of booking and as we didn't know their dates of birth, we couldn't book the trip for them at the time, went and booked a trip - the exact same flight and hotel, through expedia and ended up paying even less.
So now I am spending my days calling and writing emails, to so far little or no effect. Every employee seems to have a different idea of how their company works and is giving me different information. It is extremely tiring and frustrating and now instead of looking forward to the trip I am left worried what else is going to go wrong when we get to the airport or the hotel. Also I am very annoyed by the emails they love to send, saying "I can certainly understand your disappointment" or "we will get back to you as soon as possible" instead of getting on with it and resolving the issue.
I would strongly discourage anyone from using lastminute.com.

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I have travelled with EasyBus a few times before and while I never had any problems myself I had witnessed pretty much everything the previous reviews have described. For example drivers letting people who have missed their bus two hours ago - or not had booked at all pay cash for tickets then refuse people who have actually booked for that service on the bus. Shocking!
I personally saw a driver do this, then say "this is not my problem" and drive off.
But I never really written a review until now - yesterday I went with my friends, who were visiting from Poland to their 4pm bus which NEVER EVEN SHOWED UP!
And we didnt miss it because we were there early and there were other people waiting even longer than we did and they never saw the bus either. My friends had to buy new tickets for the coach service that luckily was running from the same bus stop but that is another £20 gone.
Strongly discourage any one from using EasyBus again.

And they make their refund request system difficult as you have to send your request in through post - I mean, why?? in this day and age - why???

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