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Your Opinion in one word - ATROCIOUS

I've used 3 for nearly 3 years, and guess what, its bye-bye from me, (no pun intended) . I use both their mobile and sometimes their mobile broadband. On the good side , its actually the fastest network in UK, all the other networks are like 56kB back in the 90s, Im actually giving 4 stars for the speed. The reason its still one star is cuz im giving minus 5 stars for everything else, but u cant go below one so one it is.

The thing is, when u try to change or cancel contracts, its gonna be ur worst nightmare. I'm actually a polite person on the phone, but when they transfer you back and forth between operators, u really start to burn in rage from within, especially when the 4th guy they transfer u to IS THE SAME AS THE 1ST GUY, WTF THEY JUST ROTATE DIFFERENT PEOPLE TO TALK TO YOU WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT?

Putting aside the 30min calls everytime i get into with the customer services. Once i tried calling to cancel my mobile broadband, i gave them my details but they said they couldnt find me on the system, well ok thats fking helpful, so i read out the 10 digit or whatever code on my first bill and bang they have my details, Seriously?

Everyone's been on about the Indian call centre of their customer services, i mean indians are fine however you struggle to interpret what they are trying to say, especially on the phone where heavy accents and background noise further cloud their feeble english.

I'm relieved that I'm leaving this country for a bit of time, i dont even wanna bother ringing them to cancel my contract, its a fking waste of my time. I'm just gonna pay the final payments and close my bank account, simple. O and one more thing, DONT TRUST A WORD THEY SAY, I live in LONDON and Im getting 0.1MB to 0.5MB per second speed on my mobile broadband when tested on speednet WTF THATS LIKE DIALUP SPEED, although speeds go up to 3-4MBs per second at 2am in the morning (which is a bliss for me when im downloading stuff) its nowhere as they advertised 20-40MBs per second. In hong kong they have 100MB mobile internet, so please 3, SHAME ON YOU.

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Royal Mail


i sold a £19 pound textbook on amazon, im based in london and the buyer lives in outer east london. i figured it would be cheaper if i just took a train there. It costs £6 for a return trip but the journey time is 2 hours for a round trip so i thought ok why bother just send it by post. When i went to the PO and asked for the cheapest 2nd class option for the delivery. The guy smiled cunningly at me and said sir, the cheapest option is £12.99 cuz the book weighs 2kg or sth, i was like WTF, £13 TO SEND A TEXTBOOK WHICH COSTS £19. WOW WHY AM I EVEN PAYING TAX? I MEAN IF SOMETHING IS WORTH BELOW 13 QUID UR LOSING MONEY IF U DECIDE TO APPROACH THESE GUYS.

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