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As expected, a good service.

I like the product quality and the fact that the Pouches are much better than before, I've had some break in the past but the new ones are awesome. Product quality is always high, almost always the items are the cheapest online, even compared to eBay but often a cheaper product will lack the quality. I dislike their obsession with Sucralose and to me it is the worst thing about MyProtein, luckily a lot of products are unflavoured or in capsules so it doesn't really affect me much. I like the sales a little, however I purchase things when I need them, so often the sales annoy me, as I'll buy something and then a new offer/sale will pop up in my email the next day with free postage or a discount on that very same product. I remember the email with an explanation of why product prices are being raised, it is then pointless to have a sale every week. I don't like that I usually have to reach £50 to get free postage however for £50 I get a lot more than I would from another popular brand. I also wish there were more organic products, previously I purchased organic hemp protein and now it is just hemp protein, so a mix of those things and the items not being that cheap unless you get free postage, results in me sometimes buying one-off items elsewhere, but still I often find myself upping the basket to £50 just to justify the postage.

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