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How to get your refund from Wae+

Bought a product of them which took nearly two weeks to arrive. The product was not up to the quality expected, so I followed their returns procedure. After two weeks of receiving the item back, the refund has not been given to me. I have contacted them three times and each time I get a reply saying they are dealing with it. There is no way on earth in any finance system that a refund takes so long. Absolutely diabolical service - not worth the few pounds you save. One of the few companies I would actively encourage people to avoid, and the only company who I ever dealt with who I am seeking advice from the Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) on what to do about it.

UPDATE ---------------------------
The CAB were extremely professional. Go to their web site and submit a contact request detailing your problem. They will investigate this and get back to you with advice. My advice was first of all tell Wae+ that the Citizen's Advice Bureau are getting involved. By law, a company has 30 days to refund your money, however, this is a grey area if not clarified in the seller's terms and conditions.

Secondly, the CAB say that you can request a Chargeback from your bank (even if the goods are bought on debit card) to which the banks act swiftly on your behalf.

Finally, if those processes don't work, the CAB will instruct a refund through the Small Claims Court, to which Wae+ would have to pay the settlement fees.

Wae+ FINALLY(!) refunded my money today after notifying them of my liaisons with the CAB.

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Orbit Print Ltd


I ordered a canvas print of my own photo in the morning, and enquired on the best way to get my large 30mb file uploaded. Within 5 hours my order was received, printed and dispatched.
Response time for all communication was outstanding and clear, and the final result is superb.
I would not hesitate to recommend Orbit Print to anyone, and we will be using them again for more large canvas prints.



I bought a CCTV unit. I sent the sales team some questions regarding a product before I bought it, then had the answers within a few hours. The product arrived the next working day.
Absolutely superb service and quality.


Swift service, only half of items arrived...!

I ordered two CDJ1000 wall mounts. Soon afterwards, they were dispatched, but only one arrived. When I emailed them, they said I'd bought the last one, and that those brackets were now out of stock, so they only charged me for one.

The problem was that they needed to match and I needed two of them!

Anyway sourced the remaining bracket from elsewhere, but it would have been nice to be told and to have had the option to cancel my order then buy both together from elsewhere, rather than wait for an unknown period to get the missing one!

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Wired2Fire Ltd

Great site, superb customer service

I bought a custom-spec machine for business use just before Christmas. Configuring and ordering was extremely easy.

When the goods arrived though, the case was damaged internally. I emailed them photos of this and they worked really hard to get a replacement to me at such a busy time of year.

The replacement has been perfect.

Although as with any PC business they are the victims of stock shortages/pricing, the staff were helpful, courteous and were very efficient, and this is a real quality these days...!

Well recommended.


Easy and simple

Superb web site - very easy to see train times and make a booking. Tickets always arrive promptly in the post, or can be collected from the automated machines in the train station (I wish the machine wasn't so far away from the trains at Leeds though...!).


Superb site

Great web site, reasonable prices. I've ordered products for delivery which arrived on time, and also used their online reservation system. The goods were waiting for me in the shop when I arrived there to collect. Excellent customer service in today's competitive climate.


The best web shop on earth

Amazon is an absolutely faultless service. With a huge range of choice, price and unbeatable customer service if you need it. There is nowhere where you can stick your items back in the box and return them for free if they go faulty. Fair enough you can buy cheaper elsewhere, so use Google Product Search first if you're unsure. Either way, Amazon is the market leader.


Great holiday, terrible flight

Only with Thomson can you sit on a plane for 11 hours and be given only a small sandwich and a biscuit. Worse still, the air staff continuously said we should drink water, then after asking for it they demanded €4 from me! The worst flight I've ever been on.
Lucky for us the safari holiday was top notch which made up for it.


Sell stock they can't even get

I ordered a home cinema surround set of speakers from them. All were in stock. They took my money but the goods never arrived. After a few emails and waiting, it emerged that the items were discontinued and could no longer be obtained. In the end I cancelled my order and bought from Harmon directly. Superfi refunded my money quickly as requested.



A month ago I ordered two floorstanding speakers, two bookshelf speakers, a centre speaker and a sub. All were in stock on the web site, and AudioAffair took the money from my account immediately.
Then... nothing: No goods, no communication.

I chased them up after a week. Here's a shortened version of the email correspondance:

Me: Could you please clarify a delivery date?
AA: Sorry, we are waiting for stock on the floorstanding speakers
Me: But your web site states they are in stock
AA: No they are not in stock. Web site has been updated.
Me: Can you provide a rough estimate?
AA: Three weeks
--- three weeks later --
Me: Your web site no longer shows the speakers, can you provide a rough estimate when these will arrive?
AA: Sadly they are discontinued
Me: So you never received the stock I was waiting for?
AA: No
Me: But you took my money and stated they were in stock. Why?
AA: I can't answer that question. Do you want the more powerful floorstanders with 15% discount
Me: Those are a lot more expensive and won't match the existing part of the order. Can I have a refund?

Fortunately the refund came quickly, but with no apology. I've also got to pay the interest to my bank on the hefty amount they sat on for a month. I won't be risking my cash with them again.

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29 April 2011

Reply from Audio Affair

Apologies to hear of your experience. These speakers were in stock in a different finish when you placed your order and we tried to help with a discount on an alternative following lengthy delays from the supplier. As discussed by phone, we would be happy to offer a discount on another order as a good will gesture if there are any items of interest in future. If you need any help, please feel free to give us a call.

AV Bristol


Good price, good email communication regarding the status of my order, and product was delivered exactly as expected. Can't ask for more...!

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