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In time delivery without issues though got few surprises.

No - not a perfect job! I have few concerns about the services by Digital rev.

1. On the website it advertised free ethnic strap for Nikon D3200. Buyer has to enter a coupon code while placing the order. However when I was placing the order there was no chance/place where I could enter the coupon code. So Digital Rev has charged me for the strap which is due to their system issues.

2. Later when I realized I am being charged for it, i went to the site the next day and tried to cancel the strap - even before it was processed or shipped. But the website did not let me cancel it saying it is part of bundle and cannot be cancelled.

3. The manuals are in Japanese. No where the website mentioned it will NOT have English manuals. This was sprung as a surprise to a buyer in UK??

On the delivery side, i would say it was smooth.

Though after placing order it shows the contract where it puts few responsibilities on the buyer such as any customs charges to be paid bu buyer etc. Would have been good to see this contract before the purchase is made rather than afterwards.

Kaustubh Pendharkar.

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