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SmartBuyGlasses UK

Good experience - pleasantly surprised

I ordered from the website and just assumed delivery would be fairly quick. It was only after I read some reviews I realised they quote 11-14 working days for delivery with prescription lens.

I found it a bit annoying to realise it was actually coming from Hong Kong. But to be fair the price was so awesome (£110 cheaper than the high street) I didn't mind overlooking this.

Reviews on this site did concern me. But I got a very professional reply to a query in 48 hours. The glasses were delivered on the 14th working day. Very happy with them.

Bottom line is if you don't mind waiting a few weeks - you can get a bargain here. I would use them again.

Avoid - pay a little more for peace of mind

Value basket are a terrifying company to make a large purchase with. I ordered a Note 2 for £429.99. The money was taken out of my account immediately.

After 5 days (3 working days) - no update - although they do say they ship in 3-5 days.

Tried to call the UK phone number but no one answers. I left it ringing for up to 10 mins and called more than 10 times but just a waste of time. What kind company lists a number that no one answers?

I started to think this company was dodgy. After reading more reviews online I got more worried that at best it would be a long wait - and at worst I might never receive it.

I canceled the order. Got the refund in about 7 days - which was a relief. Genuinely thought I might not get it back, perhaps unfairly. But, Value Basket try to give to perception that they are a UK company but blantantly are not.

I think the whole company is run by 3 teenagers in their Mum's basement.

Much better to pay slightly more and get peace of mind somewhere else.

Sports Direct-international

Poor in every department

I ordered a pair of trainers and got two pairs of boxers shorts and a mug. I'm a mug for ordering from them online.

I've sent two emails to them and 10 days later still no reply.

They're cheap that's why we are like moths to their cheap flame. But you can't rely on them if they have to do something for you.


Appalling service - definitely avoid if you can

They post mis-information on the tracking. Stated that 'no one was in to sign' and they left a card - but my delivery address was a busy office with a reception! No card was left!

When I called up to see if I could go and collect the package at their depot I was told this was not possible without the card. The guy assured me he would call the depot and someone would call me back to try to get round this problem but inevitably no one called back.

Then on four separate occasions my package was 'out for delivery' but the delivery man couldnt find the office so returned to the depot. I work in central London on one of the most well known roads in the city.

You can't trust the tracking updates. The delivery guys are having a laugh or are just totally incompetent.

My package did eventually arrange 10 days later - battered and bruised. At least I got it. Not Yodel's fault but I ordered trainers and got two pairs of boxers and a mug. Thanks Sports Direct and Yodel. You belong together.

Fast delivery and excellent product

Would reccomend this site and will definitely use it again.

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