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They never give personal responses - they just send generic templates (which are not relevant)

I took out an order with BT on the 19th of September, 2013. Unlimited Phone Anytime, Inifinity 2, TV Essential Extra, Line Rental Saver and other bits and bobs.
This has turned out to be the worst decision I've ever made - considering I will be spending £thousands over the next couple of years with them - I have experienced the worst customer service ever. It's actually prompted me to write my first EVER company review.
1. My family have had a BT line forever! I said to them this new order must be in my name (as my mum has passed) despite making this clear - everything is coming in my mum's name - including the deliveries. (incredibly hard to collect my items from the Post Office - home hub, YouView box etc).
2. They are constantly messing with my engineer appointments - they promise (over the phone) that they've corrected the dates but when I track my order - it's back on dates when I will be at work. They lie over the phone A LOT and beg you to give them positive feedback after the call has ended (useless call centre abroad).
3. I have tried to email dozens of times using their online contact forms to try and resolve the numerous issues I've encountered with my order - nobody has EVER personally replied - they just copy+paste generic template responses - telling me here's a: "list of FAQs about BT Sport - we hope this answers your questions" ...I couldn't give a monkey's about BT Sport - the responses aren't even relevant to the questions I'm asking.
4. My phone line is still dead. I'm practically BEGGING them to look into this for me but nobody is listening. I can still receive calls but can't dial out. They send me an email saying they "hope I'm enjoying my Unlimited Anytime Calls package" ...I'm not. Because it doesn't exist. They said my phone package & Line Rental Saver started on the 24th of September so essentially I'm paying for NOTHING. I don't know if this is some sort of call barring or something? Nonetheless, I can't discuss it because I'm not the account-holder. What am I to do? Tell them to perform a séance?
5. My Direct Debits are the wrong amounts. The start dates are wrong - why should I pay for a service they aren't providing? The account name is wrong. I can't get the online offers despite it being their website that had technical problems (they promised I would get them over the phone). I can't fix anything because it's not in my name. Nobody replies.
6. I sent an email telling them (within the cooling off period) that I wanted to CANCEL EVERYTHING if they don't correct the mistakes they've made and REFUND me every penny too (an email was sent so there's a record of this) so I'm well within my rights to take them to small claims court. Which I will do if they don't sort this flippin' mess out.
AVOID AVOID AVOID. It's not worth the stress people!

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