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Cash 4 Phones

Cynical scammers. Will be reporting to trading standards

I wish I had read the reviews before I had stupidly sent my phones to this outfit.
Basically they have a simple and nasty way of working
They offer very good prices for buying your phone
Once they have them they claim the phones fail the test of their technical team
The usual reason and the one given for all three of my phones was "excessive scratching"
None of the phones were scratched indeed for the most expensive ( an HTC wildfire) I do have photos because I had originally intended selling on ebay
The company then give an option to agree a pathetically reduced sum because of the condition they claim the phone is in or if you decline their cynical offer you cannot get the phones back until you pay them a fee (which in my case was about half of their valuation)
There is no phone number in any of their communications so getting in contact with them is difficult to say the least (now isn't that a surprise!)
They are also breaking contract law with their stipulation that if you do not agree or respond in five days that is taken as acceptance..
Blogs and forums are fine but my next step it to contact my local Tradings Standards Officer
Amazed how people like this can operate so openly!

It is now the end of the month. Still no money. Cheques promised a fortnight ago and still not here...Doubtless no need to hold my breath!

Another two weeks since my last post
Still no money. They have even stopped communicating
Amazed that these scum are still allowed to operate so openly

People may be interested in the attached link. It details scores of people of who have similar problems as well as the names of several of the directors of the "company" ..
One good piece of news though. I have been contacted by a former Cash4Phones employee. I am seeing them next week. Apparently this person has the names, addresses and contact numbers for several of the Cash4Phones directors.
As soon as I have them they will be posted extensively: I am sure as honest and trustworthy directors they will be only to happy to hear from customers (day or night) or even to welcome them if they pop round.

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