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Great price, bad communications

CJS provide some of the cheapest prices found on the web for games - on that front they get 5 stars.

The problem is that I pre-ordered COD:Ghosts for PC and got some rather mixed messages. The game description says instant delivery of the key - not true.

When I try to get my key it says it will be delivered 48 hours before release - not true.

Support say it will be released in time to preload - Not true (unless you have insane (>50Mbps) broadbnad).

Facebook says keys will come out at 1900hrs on 4th Nov - Not true

Key is finally available at 2115hrs

The game was cheap but the communication was rubbish - if they had just said upfront that I would get it a few hours before release I would be happy and have ordered, instead they give the impression before you order you will get it 'instantly' in reality it was 3 days later. Be honest guys and you will have a customer for a long time (if you keep the prices this great!).


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04 November 2013

Reply from CJS CD Keys

Please be patient :) Evetything will be sent on time

An easy to use website with very easy to use prices!

I've used for over 5 years and would recommend them to anyone. They have a great range of items, from PC components to printers at very reasonable prices. I've only once had an issue with an item I ordered (which wasn't Ebuyer's fault) and they were more than happy to replace it with no quibbles - exactly what you want when ordering online.

The website is clear and easy to use and has detailed technical specs for most items meaning you know what you are going to get. Even if what you want to know isn't listed in the description you can ask them!

A great site and my first (and often last) port of call for all my tech needs.

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