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Rather fly carrier pigon !!

I had no choice but to fly Ryanair to Malta as it is the only Airline flying there out of to Dublin despite promising myself NEVER AGAIN having been on the receiving end of their rudeness and money grabbing intolerance before. However I thought things might have improved but not so. One thing baffles me still...why on earth is there no baggage allowance for infants? Surely they are the people who need it most i.e bottles, wipes, nappies, toys. ...wouldn't you think they would realise by now that people need their stuff , books, glasses, purses, tissues and other odds and ends Actually it seriously slows down boarding because truth is we all open the bags and root around until we find what we need before stowing then in the overhead bins. Seems daft to me....!! Cheaper price ticket does not make up for the grief and aggrivation and woe betide you if you get anything wrong...you will be fleeced and hung out to dry.


No hidden charges or misleading information....

My experience booking a holiday Travel Republic was smooth, fast and efficient...all done dusted, printed off in record time. Clear information, user friendly website and great prices. No hidden charges or misleading information ....I will be using Travel Republic every time I can from now on.

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