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Currys lost a lot of money with their incompetence

So; I've bought my first house which meant ordering... A fridge freezer, washer, dryer, Hoover and oh yes.. 3 tvs.

In hopeless vein of what I've experienced in the past and a bitter optimism about the future decided to give currys one last chance.

It was shocking from the outset, the sales guys could not be bothered as soon as he established that I wasn't going to spend £1600 plus get a care plan on every item.

He shipped me off to his "tv" specialist who informed me unless I spent £1300 on a samsung I would hate my tvs forever.
So at this point lost my rag slightly; ordered fridge freezer & washer dryer, deciding not to ship currys 3 tvs worth of business.

On to delivery; when you pay £37 for delivery, you are kindly given a 5 hour delivery slot with the promise of a phone call at 11 am to give you a more firm time.
What they don't tell you is this is all dependent on knowhow and their elusive PDA, which is always out of battery. So you wait: all day.

In fairness the delivery guys were ok on arrival; measured up this kitchen door and told me the fridge doors would have to come off to get it in the house.
Then I was summoned outside to supervise the ceremony of unpacking the fridge. The reason for this as the delivery guy quoted was 'the monkeys in the warehouse know it was damaged so they've put it flat against the van wall' .
He said they do it all the time, why take responsibility when they can try and pass it on to the delivery guys??!
Sure as the day was bright the fridge was damaged. So off it went back to the warehouse, along with my dreams of moving in this week.

They say the signs of an awful company are in how the customer services react upon a complaint.
In my case it was total disregard and a severe lack of care. No apology, no hurry to repair the situation.

After 40 minutes of waiting for these apparent PC specialists to work their PC I gave them 2 minutes to rectify this before I cancel the order out of spite.
So 2 minutes pass and I cancelled the order; gladly spent £100 more on the order plus 3 samsung tvs from other vendors and a relief that I never have to deal with currys again

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