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Awful, wasn't happy at all.

All was going well at first the valuation on the website was higher (by a few pounds) than most other sites. It clearly stated on the website that as long as the phone was in fully working order then I would receive the full price. It even said on the website that they don't take any money off for cosmetic wear and tear so all sounded well. I sent my phone off and waited a few days to hear from them and when I did I was disgusted. They tried offering me half of the price that was originally quoted on the website for what they quoted as a damaged fascia surround. Yes only HALF of the money was they willing to pay for a few minor scratches. The phone was in complete fully working order and even still had a screen protector fitted and they had the cheek to only want to pay me a lousy 50% of what I originally believed. Admittedly they did send my phone back free of charge but I left a comment saying why I wanted it sending back and that I was unhappy and had no reply. As soon as I received my phone I went on to send it off to Mazuma who within two days of sending it I received the full amount quoted hassle free off of them. They did not try quoting me a lower price unlike envirophone which proves the phone was fine. I believe the valuation from envirophone was poor and completely cheeky and I most certainly will not ever be using their services again. So thank you for nothing Envirophone, other than a waste of time!

15 October 2013

Reply from Eazyfone Ltd


Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

We do not take money off for general wear and tear but we would reduce the value if the fascia was cracked or chipped. We could have had the phone re-tested for you by a testing supervisor if you disagreed with our verdict but I cant see any contact from you disagreeing with our testing verdict.

We're sorry that you were not satisfied with our service this time, but hope that you will give us a chance again in the future.

Many Thanks Envirofone

Mazuma Mobile

Simple, quick and easy!

Great communication, fast and simple! Payment was in my bank just two days after sending the phone from the post office. Gave me the exact amount it said on the website, way better than envirophone who try knocking down the price! Couldn't be any happier and would certainly use Mazuma in the future! Thanks!

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