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T Mobile

Worst company I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with

Back in April 2013, I e-mailed to close my account with them. I also made phone calls leading up to the the e-mail to confirm closer. The e-mail reply said that a call was needed but I had made phone calls so I did not call again. in July I deleted the DD from my bank account as I believed the account to be completely closed. How wrong was I this company have symptomatically gone out of there way to make sure I feel as stupid and belittle me completely.
on my daughters birthday I called to try to find out why they where txting my fathers phone demanding payment when they had not tried to take payment from my bank. The horrible mad i spoke to spoke to be like i was the waste of paces and he could not be bothered to try to help he just repeated that it was tough I had to pay. I did not have the money to pay the £10.93 he said would close the account on that day. after specking with my family I decided that as it seemed to be a miss contamination I would pay the £10.93 and get rid of T-mobile for good. But no when i logged on to my t-mobile account the amount had become £23.95 but I paid the £10.93 but I had already destroyed the sim-card so I could not then call to speck to there non-helpful customer service team.
I herd nothing for quite some time then about the end of September I received a latter dated 20th September to say that this £13.02 needed to be paid or the account would go to a collection company. I was very ill at the time and in no mood to deal with the completely lacking customer service team that T-mobile employs that's of course if you are lucky enough to get though to some one.
The next thing I got was on Friday just gone 11th October 2013 a letter from Moorcroft wanting £14.32 a £1.30 charge because they had to write to me.
So I called T-mobile today after 5 departments I got though to a very horrible man I don't care what his name is just kept saying I now have to deal with Moorcroft because I did not pay my final bill over and over again he repeated the same thing nothing to help resolve this problem and once again I can not speck to a manger as he did not believe this to be a call that needed a manage I just need to pay my bills. I informed him that I had been a customer of T-mobile for more then 9 years and a dam good payer. At witch point he agreed to ask for a management call back that I have to wait 3 to 5 days for if I every get a call that is. So right now I do not know what to do. I just called Moorcroft to explain the situation to them to be told that T-mobile had taken the account back to them as of today date. So who is in the wrong here. What do I do now? except inform every one I can of what a bad service team they have and your OK as long as you don't leave them because when you do there staff become the most unhelpful and rude people on the plant.

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