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We bought a new build and FU were forced upon us as the developer chose them....stupidly. After months we finally got an account,( our neighbour is still wating after 3yrs) and they have taken erratic amounts monthly based on our brand new smart meter. The bills are much higher than other suppliers quotes so we tried to leave and they had us bound by a contract that the builder took out, but 3 years on we really need to get rid of FU due to high pricing and bad service. On trying to switch they have produced an £1100 bill after we have paid every month and they now claim the meter never worked...what and you never thought to tell us, and why was it irractic amounts which were dressed up to look like it was an actual reading? I am bracing myself for a long struggle to sort this out because you just know its not going to be easy, I wish we had switched on moving in and swallowed a leaving fee because we would probably have saved time and money. If you are thinking of using them then expect the worst and you will not be disappointed.

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