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A very enjoyable tour of the Capital, in comfy seats with a very enlightening commentary

A very enjoyable tour of the Capital, in comfy seats with a very enlightening commentary, however, this was marred by two unacceptable issues.
1. We boarded a Blue Tour, expecting to experience the complete delights of the City, however, at Marble Arch, we were unexpectedly told to leave the bus, as it was going on a different route. This is a very busy interchange and little, if any help was provided. We abandoned the tour at that point.
2. After taking some time to recover from that disappointment, we were carefully guided, by an excellent member of staff near Hyde Park Corner onto a Blue Tour which did take us around the published route.
However, this experience was also spoilt by the fact hat the bus called into the Baker Street stop, whilst drivers were changed, but this activity took a whole thirty minutes.
My time in London was very scheduled. I did not take kindly to this waste of time sitting on a bus at a most uninteresting stop. This was very annoying!!!!

I bought a 48 hr ticket and was able to make some good and enjoyable use of the River Boat experience. This was particularly beneficial because the Half Marathon Run on 6th October had closed the roads I was planning to use.

Apart from the two very disappointing elements described, the majority of the two day purchase was a good and worthwhile investment. But we (three of us) were very disappointed witt he aforementioned hiccups!!!

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